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Go-To-Market Strategy Recommendation

No description

Pepper Harward

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Go-To-Market Strategy Recommendation

Go-To-Market Strategy:
Lucky Charms

Test Markets
Test messaging and distribution penetration, as well as target market record within distinct regions
Other Ideas To Consider
Final Thoughts
What to take away from this project?
Our Buyer and Her Journey
What We Provide That's Different
Solving Our Buyer's Problems
She's heard about it. Her kids love it. She can buy it at the supermarket. She can afford it. It has adequate nutrition.
Our most promising new market
Understanding our buyer and her journey
Lucky's unique value wedge
The Good Stuff
Best Combination of Size, Expected Growth, and Breakthrough Potential of All Unentered Markets:

*US$ 981 Million Market
*27.1% Growth through 2016
*Increasingly Americanized
breakfast traditions
*Cold cereal accounts for 74%
of cereal market
The Challenging Stuff
*Breakfast still influenced
significantly by local customs

*Those customs are very
regional within Brazil

*Pre-sweet not prominent among
existing cereal consumption
How We Measure Success
Obtain 23% market share of pre-sweet cereal in Brazil

Grow pre-sweet cereal sub-market 5% above cereal market growth rate

Maintain distribution share for minimum 5 years
Who Is She?
Age: 35 - 54 Years Old

Working Professional - Middle Class to Upper Middle Class

Who Influences Her?
The consumers: her kids under 18

Most influential are kids aged 8
How Does She Buy?
She wants to walk into a convenient supermarket and find a hassle-free, on-the-go breakfast for her kids that provides sufficient energy and nutrition. Her life is too busy for breakfast to be complicated.
Sao Paulo
The Outrageous
Explore partnerships with healthcare providers and service companies that stand to benefit immensely from later surges in childhood obesity and diabetes.
The Practical
Hire a sharp, creative [but otherwise humble] Director of Business Development to implement and improve the strategy.
The Impractical
*The global cereal market is competitive

*Existing distribution channels are rigid and barriers to "go-to-market" innovation

*General Mills is fortunate to own 23% of the global RTE cereal market and able to leverage distribution channels
The Practical
I am passionate about sales strategy and business development!

I am invested in Infusionsoft and in this specific opportunity!

I am data-driven in my go-to-market approach and, at a minimum, competent with general concepts!
Taste! (Marshmellows & Sugar-Coated Oats)

Magic! (Lucky and his charms)
What that means to her?
Her kids will love it

No breakfast hassles
Distribution Channels
Leverage existing relationships and retail channels through Nestle (Cereal Partners Worldwide)

Develop regional and national warehouse partnerships
Marketing and Advertising
Mass advertising through TV, leveraging Lucky and taste to target 8-11 year olds

Social media campaign, targeting 8-11 year olds [game app]
Sales & Promotions
Direct Promotions: coupons (mail, online, gaming app coins)

Trade Promotions: in-store samples and displays

Direct Sales: strategic account reps by geographic region
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Magically Delicious
Successfully Bringing Lucky To A New Market
Getting our "what" into the hands of our "who"
Get "Lucky" in Brazil
Thank You
I had fun with this.

Contact me any time at 602.430.4852 or at pharward@gmail.com
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