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Unit 16 An English - Speaking World

English 11

Kyle Larry

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of Unit 16 An English - Speaking World

Reading An English - Speaking World Unit
16 & Unit 15
Wonders Of The World Listen To The Reading Text Presentation Vocabulary Revision Image Credit: http://www.tripsgeek.com/hot-air-balloon-adventure-in-nile-valley-egypt/valley-of-the-kings-and-thebes-from-hot-air-balloon/ your ideas to a new dimension.. Group 4 While
Reading After
Reading Work in Group and FYI The Eiffel Tower Ancient (n)
Ancientry (n) The Taj Mahal An Egyptian Pyramid The Great Wall Of China Architect (n)
Architecture (n)
Architectural (a)
Architecturally (adv) Language Focus Passive Voice Form of passive voice Subject + be + P.P + by agent Thank For Listening Causative form Active: S + have + O (person) + bare infinitive + O (thing) Passive: S + have + O (thing) + P.P + by O (person) Active: S + get + O (person) + to-infinitive + O (thing) Passive: S + get + O (thing) + P.P + by O (person) Adverd of place + By Agent + adverds of time EX:
The book was put on the table by Peter yesterday Passive voice of the verbs of opinion: say, think,... Ex:
People say that he is a famous doctor.
It is said that he is a famous doctor.
He is said to be a famous doctor. Before Reading Countries First language Second
language Foreign
language Viet Nam Singapore France U.S.A India Mexico Britain Australia New
Zealand Canada South Africa Discuss how English is used in Viet Nam
??? Match each word or phrase in column A with suitable definition or synonym in column B. A
1. First language speaker
2. Emergence
3. Economic power
4. Dominant
5. Account for B
a. Advent (the appearance of something)
b. Make up
c. One who speaks his/her mother tongue
d. A country that has a well-developed economy
e. More important (than other things) Check ( ) whether the following sentences are T, F, NI in the text. Then correct the false sentences. 1. All the people living in the European Union use English instead of their own languages.

2. The spread of international trade has led to the increasing use of English in many parts of the world.

3. English is used when the pilots asks for instructions at the international airport.

4. Most of the information on the internet is in English.

5. Ethnic groups speak with the same English accent. T F NI Decide which of the following statements are facts (F) and which ones are opinions (O). 1. English is the one of the main languages of international communication.

2. I think most tourists use English when they are in a foreign country.

3. English is used widely in international sports games.

4. American English and British English have many differences in vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and spelling.

5. Graddol believes that English accounted for 80 percent of computer-based communication in the 1990s.

6. Many people suppose that it is difficult to describe the English language. F O
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