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Mini Case, JP Morgan Chase’s forecasting Accuracy

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Krizzia Navarro

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Mini Case, JP Morgan Chase’s forecasting Accuracy

Mini Case, JP Morgan Chase’s forecasting Accuracy
Central Problem
How statistical accurate does JP Morgan Chase and Corporation on Foreign exchange forecasting and what variables would allow the company for the most accurate currency prediction?
Alternative Courses of Action
Efficiently Manage the Foreign Exchange forecasting of JPM From Within
Develop a Forecast Accuracy Review Committee
Hire a POTENTIAL Fundamental/Technical analyst
Make a decision inclined to money management
Utilized hedging strategies for forecasting
Conduct training seminars for the employees of Teknevron.
Report/updates that give JP Morgan an essential FX market analysis and strategies.

We recommend that the foreign exchange forecast accuracy should be managed and measured as each forecast is prepared weekly, monthly, or quarterly. This may help oversee the forecast processes, with the help of a forecast review committee who will set guidelines that shape and improve methods that will impact the accuracy of future forecasts.
We settle that the best forecasting practices are highly flexible, able to model multiple scenarios (Worst-Good-Best) and adjust to rapidly changing conditions which appears the best forecast of foreign exchange rates rest with current and past prices.

James Dimon
To develop and lay a solid foundation for enhanced security, auditing, scalability, interoperability, above all, reusability of foreign exchange forecasting.
Discount Programs
Commitment to Fair Lending
Leader in investment bank
International presence all around the world (more than 60 countries)

Charges higher fees from those of some other bank and credit unions
Facing increased competition by other banks and credit unions
Have had multiple companies in which they invested heavily file bankruptcy recently (e.g., Enron; K-Mart)
Still suffering from the deep losses heavy investments in the banking sector which led to the merger with JDM

International expansion
Acquire smaller banks
Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP)

Loss of customer securitization
Tight competitors (e.g., HSBC, Citibank, etc.)
Social Engineering competitiveness
Action Plan
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