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The Lion King

Hero's Journey: Lion King

Shehani Fernando

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of The Lion King

By: Gabby, Shehani, and Kyanna
The Lion King
Birth and Childhood
Simba's father, Musafa, was the king of the Pride Lands. He was respected and loved by everyone in the land.

Scar, Musafa's brother, was next in line to be king until Musafa had a baby boy (Simba).
After several years, Simba and his new friends find out what Scar has done to the Pride Lands through Simba's old friend Nala.

Nala convinces Simba to come back and become the king of the Pride Lands
Simba is born from a King and Queen
Animals from all the land come to see his birth ceremony
Simba is honored, raised, and loved by his father and mother
Simba recieves his call to adventure when he runs away from home, not knowing his life would change forever.
Not long after Simba runs away, he meets Pumbaa and Timon, who raise Simba and teach him many of his values like "Hakuna Mutata" as a young hero
Simba is also reunited with his childhood friend Nala, and with the help of these important allies, Simba may continue towards his quest
Rafiki finds Simba and follows him, telling Simba that Mufasa lives within him.
Simba dismisses anything Rafiki says calling him a "crazy baboon"
Finally Rakfiki stops Simba and makes Simba look into a pool of water, where and apparition of Mufasa appears telling Simba he must remember who he is
After Simba reunites with Nala, she tells him that his uncle Scar has taken over the Pride Lands and that Simba must return because he is the rightful king
Simba refuses to go back saying that he can't do anything to help
Nala continues trying to convince him, but Simba gets upset and storms off
After talking with Rafiki, Simba decides to head back to the Pride Lands with Nala, Pumbaa, and Timone
Simba wins his battle with Scar
Accepts his role as King
Simba has gained a variety of personality traits of true king
Simba can now live a new life as he was destined to
Simba restores the Pride Land into the way it was when Musafa was king
Scar plotted a plan
for Mufasa to be pushed into a stampede of wilderbeasts and die

Scar makes Simba believe that he is the cause of his father's death. Simba runs away from his home so that he doesn't have to face this fact.
Spends a small portion of his childhood playing with Nala and his father Mufasa
Wants to become as brave and strong as his father
Simba now lives with Timone and Pumbaa due to a previous event
Is raised without rules except for disrespecting one another
Lives a lifestyle far different from the old one which Simba considers a good life
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