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UNIST World Challenge

No description

Sanjana Jana

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of UNIST World Challenge

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Team building Project UNIST World Challenge Aim: Identify a problem/area that needs solving. Project Guidelines Tip? Community Welfare Categories Health and Education Sustainable Farming Energy Water Environment Conflict Sanitation Health and Education Conflict over natural resources Conflict Law and legal issues Violence against women Power struggles Ethnic/Religious tensions through effective legal aid Addressing the question of torture Cambodia: a country reeling from decades of
dictatorship; no systems to speak of! Context: How did Karen Tse define the problem? Think! The first step: Understand it! How to solve a problem? Define it: Understand the nature, and articulate it clearly - understand the effects on the people you are trying to help Produce ideas! Make a list of things you can immediately do Test them! Discuss it with your team, and your communities Choose: which will best solve the problem? Plan: what is the plan of action, what do you need
how will you get it? Demonstrate: how this project will be implemented Develop: An innovative solution demonstrating an
entrepreneurial spirit How did she approach it? What did she DO? What was her idea, her solution? Wear the hat of a social entrepreneur! Thus, Identify solutions which make sense Socially Economically Always keep in mind the BIG PICTURE! Think! How did Bart Weetjens define the problem? What was his idea? Why do YOU think it was successful? Was it successful? Clean Water Practical Education Low cost health care Appropriate Tech Think SYSTEMICALLY!
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