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Fashion in the 1930's

No description

Gao Vang

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Fashion in the 1930's

Fashion in the 1930's
Men's Fashion
In the 1930's, bigger was better with double-breasted suits, full cut trousers, and tuxedos with tails setting the standard for how a gentalmen should dress.
Women's Fashion
* In the 1930's they moved towards clothing that highlighted the female curves
* For day wear they wore skirts, blouses, and sweaters.
* Evening wear- Long smooth fabric dresses, backless, and pleating and sequins were trends.
* Work Look- Tailored made suits,
overcoat that is calf length or shorter, and usually a belt
around the waist.
* Padding in the shoulders became very fashionable
* Rayon stockings were replaced with nylon stockings
Men wore their hair short and smoothed with oil
Finger waves and short curled bang's were imitated by many women in the 1930's
All men wore hats in the 1930's
Men's fashion had there attention at the shoulder.
Galli, Hannah Schauer. "Fashions and clothing." The thirties in America. Ed. Thomas Tandy Lewis. 3 vols. Salem Press, 2011. Salem History Web. 05 Nov. 2013
How Men's and Women's fashion affected America
Ladies with grey hair, used home dyes to give their hair a blue or mauve hue.
Women's fashion affected America because it brought back the curves of the body. It also led to mass produced clothing industry because not all women could afford designer dresses, so they made cheaper versions.
Later on in the 1930's magazines introduced the factory look
How the hairstyles and hairstyling inventions affected America
Men's fashion in the 1930's affected America because it made men look like a gentalmen. Suits were popular amoung men in the 1930's, which made men buy suits more. Men wanted to show off there suits and look appealing to women. So suits were popular and affected america with having it all over america.
What did fashion in the 1930's look like?
by: Lilly, Lily, Gao, and Myah
Gray, brown, beige, or light blue were colors that were more acceptable in the 1930's.
Men never had a beard or scruff, clean cut and smoothed hair. but for older men beards were allowed
These are some examples of modern day hair color in the 1930's
Men's neckties were wide and had geometric patterns like stripes and quadrilateral designs were most popular.
In the 1930's they incorporated elegance. Advancements in hairstyles and products influenced the years after the 1903's.
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