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Parts of a computer for kid's

some of the important parts of a computer for kid's to learn

Ethan Clark

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Parts of a computer for kid's

Take a Journey through a computer
The CPU is the central processing unit and controls all the things the computer does. It is the brain. A good CPU costs around £50-£80.
The Motherboard is used to send power and information to and from parts of the computer. A good motherboard costs around £50 and above.
The RAM stands for random access memory which makes your computer faster. The RAM does quick calculations which are deleted after they have been used or you log off.
A good RAM costs about £34 for a 4GB one.
Hard Disk
The hard disk stores the information on the computer. When you save a document or file it is stored on the hard disk. A good Hard drive costs £50 and above.
Graphics card
The Graphics card makes the screen clearer. A good Graphic card costs around£50-£70.

Power supply
The power supply gives the computer power but not all of it from the plug else the computer would explode.
This is a presentation to show some of the main parts of a computer for kid's.
Thank you for watching
Cooling Fan.
The cooling fan is
used to cool the
computer down.
A good fan costs
around £15 but
you can get them
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