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KPIs for Big Data

eMetrics Boston 2012

Scot Wheeler

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of KPIs for Big Data

Web Analytics CRM POS Social Media Survey 2012 Big Data Web Analytics CRM POS Social Survey KPIs OBJECTIVES Act on That Knowledge Know Your Customers NOW! KPI #2: SPEED Know Your Business ? Your Current Reporting All Your Current Performance KPIs KPI #1: SYNTHESIS KPI #3: SIGNIFICANCE +3 ...everyone sits in the room together and is looking at the data and testing insights around consumers. It's got to be the data scientists sitting with the business folks. It's breaking down all those silos, [to have] a customer-based view, regardless of where the data happens to sit. It's structural -- not getting stuck in organizational silos, pulling some of these functions together. It doesn't have to be an organizational chart change, but it's at least getting these people talking together and sharing across the data. You [also] need a business champion who is going to drive it through.
-Allen L. Weinberg
Director, McKinsey & Co. Every employee has access to all of Amazon's data if they want it, with all the tools needed to search and analyze that data and evaluate results. Everyone is encouraged to look for insights and come up with a better way to do their job.
-Chris Worland, Amazon
(eMetrics Chicago) Quality & frequency of communication with IT. With Market Research. With Customer Service.
Engagement of Big Data champion.
Decentralized utilization of data. Kosmix Social Genome
Target Pregnancy
Orbitz Able to read and understand 200 million pages of text in three seconds... IBM hopes Watson will become every doctor's sidekick... T Mobile Context+CMS+CRM+Channel = Content Customization Milen Mahadevan, SVP Dunnhumby USA What big data can tell you... ...when you're using it well... Web Analytics CRM Mobile Social Testing ROI 1. Synthesis
2. Speed
3. Significance A good part of that endeavor has been spent building the infrastructure to support the number-crunching. But the piece that is perhaps harder, Mr. Talling-Smith said, is getting the plane crews to recognize the importance of reading notes about passengers and then delivering them a certain message. (Ad Age BA story) operating KPIs Key Performance Indicators for Big Data eBay Red Laser Amazon Price Check Identification of "rapid-management" practices.
Data provision & change visualizations in those areas.
Response times in those areas.
Aggregate gains in related performance metrics. # of segments addressed (and performance by segment).
Content targeting algorithm breadth & depth.
Cross-system learning.
User satisfaction & quality of relationships. Segmentation is often a "descriptive data dump" used in strategy, then never referred to again going forward. Questions? @scotwheeler @scotwheeler
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