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Organelles of the Cell

By: Brooklyn Messer & Ana Phillips

Brooklyn Messer

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Organelles of the Cell

The Nucleus is like a remote. Because the Nucleus controls the cell, like the remote controls the t.v.
The Nucleolus is like a house. Because just like a house contains people, the Nucleolus houses Ribosomal RNA.
Nuclear Envelope
Golgi Apparatus
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
Plasma Membrane
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
The Nuclear Envelope is like the outside casing to a remote. The casing protects the remote just like the Nuclear Envelope protects the nucleus.
Chromatin is like is like a library. The Chromatin contains all of the cell's DNA, and the library contains lots of important information.
The Centriole is like a saw. Because the Centriole pulls the cell apart during interphase, like a saw divides wood.
The Cytoskeleton is like the beams in a house. Because just like the beams give the house support and stucture, the Cytoskeleton gives the cell support and structure.
The Mitochondria is like the sun. Because the Mitochondria gives the cell energy that is converts into ATP, like the sun that gives us energy that we convert in usable energy.
The Golgi Apparatus is like a mailman. Because the Golgi packages and distributes carbohydrates and proteins throughout the cell, like how a mailman delivers mail throughout the town.
The Lysosome is like a recycle bin. Because just like old and used things get recycled, the Lysosome dissolves old and used organelles
Ribosomes are like a baker. Because just like bakers make cakes, Ribosomes make or synthesis proteins.
Vesicles are like a taxi. Because Vesicles transfer different organelles to where they need to go, like how a taxi takes people their destination.
Smooth ER is like a factory. Because just like the Smooth ER produces and stores lipids and steroids, a factory creates and stores the product they make.
The Plasma Membrane is like the shell to a M&M. Because the Plasma Membrane holds and protects the cell, like a M&M shell does for the chocolate.
Peroxisomes are like Policemen. Because Policemen remove bad guys out of town, and Peroxisomes destroy harmful substances that enter the cell.
Cilia is like legs on a centipede. Because it has many hair follicles around the membrane, it allows movement like a centipedes legs do.
The Flagella is like a snake. It allows the cell to move with its snake like structure.

The Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum is like the electrical wiring in a house. The electrical wiring transports power through the house, and the Rough ER transports the proteins made from the Ribosomes on the Rough ER.
By: Brooklyn Messer & Ana Phillips
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