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History of Dance the 1980's

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Allison Chaffin

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of History of Dance the 1980's

History of Dance: The 1980's
It is said that this dance move was inspired by an American bird called the red-capped manakin that does a similar move in a mating dance.
Michael Jackson introduced "the moonwalk" in 1982.
Michael Jackson has credited a couple of sources for his inspiration for the move: one, children he saw playing dance and two, the famous mime Marcel Marceau who used a variation of the move in his iconic "Walking Against the Wind" routine.
The Hammer Dance
Created by MC Hammer
The dance was incorporated with one of his hit songs "Can't Touch This"
The dance consists of your legs being parted about should length and shuffling quickly side to side
You also want to get your upper body moving quickly up and down
Popular Dance Moves
The Hammer Dance
The Roger Rabbit
The Safety Dance
The Robot
History of 1980's
1980- John Lennon is assassinated
Mount St. Helen erupts
1981- First women appointed to the U.S Supreme Court
1982- E.T. movie is released
Micheal Jackson "Thriller"
1983- U.S embassy in Beirut is bombed
1984- PG-13 movie rating created
1985- Wreck of the Titanic is found
1986- Space Shuttle Challenger explodes
Chernobyl Nuclear disaste

Safety Dance
The Hammer Dance
The Roger Rabbit
Roger Rabbit
It's told that "the robot" was created in 1967.
"The Robot" was influenced by the jazz-era folk dance of puppeting
Puppeting is when the dancer emulates the mechanical movements of a simple musical box doll
The Robot
The Safety Dance
The Safety Dance was written by a Canadian new wave called Men Without Hats
The song was released to the U.S when it became popular in Canada
The Dance came to life from the music video
In the video the band members are in a stiff position and jerking their arms
Fashions of the 1980's
The styles in the 80's were very flashy and colorful
Big hair was a big style
Both sexes were looking for their identity in their clothing
Some example of the 80's clothing is : leg warmers, parachute pants, neon, princess Di fashions, preppy look, and puffed sleeves
Shaping the 80's
Micheal Jackson made the biggest impact to the 80's. The style of his music spread, his dance moves, and his fashion.
Madonna was a big in shaping the 80's, she pushed boundaries and was a fashion icon.
Prince edgy music was unpredicted for th 80's and it set a tone for the rest of the period.
The"Roger Rabbit" imitates the floppy movements of the lead cartoon character in the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
It came from the running but instead it goes backwards
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