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Optron | Chet Udell

No description

Dr. Chet Udell

on 15 March 2017

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Transcript of Optron | Chet Udell

Optron | Chet Udell
Optron Background
1998 - Atsuhiro Ito, Japanese Noise Artist
My Optron
How Optron Works
Uses Florescent light as metaphor for beginning
Extends metaphor into RGB (Red, Green, Blue) Constituents
Red Sprite - glitchy Wall-E kind of voice
Green Sprite - Electronic noise
Blue Sprite - Blue Tones
White Sprite - Combination of RGB
Dark Sprite - Negative color space
Optron Future
Near-term Improvements:
Dual core processor 1-in 1-out, all single USB bus
Sparkfun XZ Sensor
Please sign up for Updates and GitHub release at:
Commercial Florescent lamp
Controls wall voltage into light by hand
(100V, Very Dangerous)
Turning on/off causes electrical noise
Processed through electric guitar pedals
LED Shop Light
144 individually-addressable RGB LEDs
Arduino Micro
Sensor Suite
Web Cam Computer Vision
12 and 5VDC, very safe!
Linear Position + Pressure
IR Distance
3 Axis Accelerometer
3 Axis Gyroscope
Adafruit Dotstars
Computer Vision
Translates light color and position into controller data
track performance gestures
Sound Analysis
Translate into light pattern parameters
USB Serial
Sends control commands to Optron Microprocessor
Etude for Optron
GitHub Release, Build an Optron Community
Other Optron Models
Alto, Piccolo, Bass - current 4ft version is Tenor
Play Optron here while I have it set up
! & !
Musical Parameters and Algorithms
www . myoptron . com
cool . . . but can you play it like an "instrument?"
Remix Controller
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