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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Book presentation by eric bell A-3

Eric Bell

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde By Robert Louis Stevenson Plot While Mr. Utterson and Enfield are on thier weekly walk they start to talk about a story that Enfield heard about a
girl who had been trampled by a Mr. Hyde and had dissapeared into a housel in which later a mand came out with a check which had a large sum of money to pay for the trouble . whle both Mr. Utterson and Enfield don't like to gossip they stop talking about it but troubled Mr. Utterson gets informed by one of his clients and Dr. Jekyll friend, that Dr. Jekyll had left a will which would leave all of his posessions to that same Mr. Hyde. So Mr. Utterson confronts Jekyll and he usures him that every thing is allright and to not get concerned with Hyde. Satisfyed to the time Utterson leaves them alone until one year later when a servent girl witnessed Hyde beating a old man to death who was Sir Danvers Carew a member of parliment. Utterson is contacted and they go to Hydes House but find him not there and Utterson finds Jekyll who tells him he is done with Hyde and had a letter telling that Hyde wouldn't harm Jekyll and was sorry for what happened. time passes and Jekyll is back to him self but soon Jekyll and Dr. Lanyon, a close freind, become deathly ill. Jekyll gives Utterson a letter to upon if he should die but a week later Dr. lanyon dies. But one night Utterson is asked to help get Jekyll for he locked him self in his room and upon his arrival he sees Jekyll transforming in to Hyde. he Rushes in to the room to find Hyde in Jekyll's clothe. Utterson reads a letter explaining what was happening, Jekyll was having some unexpected side affects with a drug he was making to show that people have a good and evil side to them, but the effects became unpredictable and he realized he couldnt go on and killed himself so that Hyde would not take control and be the dominate nature.

Characters Mr. Gabriel John Utterson An old lawyer and a good friend of Dr. Jekyll was a dullish character but was well respected and known as a quality person. Dr Hastie Lanyon A businessman and distant cousin of Utterson and his "walking"companion. is similar to Utterson and has a regulat nature Mr. Edward Hyde A hunched man with a rude manner and is the evil side of Dr. Jekyll, who comes and goes at times and is seen doing crimes Dr. Henry Jekyll A respected doctor and good friend of Mr. Utterson,Jekyll goes under transformations when he changes into Hyde his Evil Ego. Jekyll invented a formula that can show the dual sides of a person (alter ego) and uses Hyde to hide his persona to live in seceret Presented By
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