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Viral Marketing

Burhan Saiyed

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of Advertizing

Why Go Viral Reason No. 2:
Free Advertizing Reason No.3:
Short Term Gains:
Immediate Customers Reason No.4:
Long Term Gains:
Attracts visitors for years to come Reason No. 5:
Build stronger relationships due to customers emotions Reason No. 6:
Can be combined with other marketing tools easily What is Viral Marketing?? It's a marketing strategy that involves creating an online message that's novel or entertaining enough to prompt consumers to pass it on to others In other words its an attempt to deliver a marketing message
that spreads quickly and exponentially among consumers. Viral marketing is the process of implementing means or tools through which the knowledge of your existence self-propagates SAY WHAT?? Simply Speaking: The Process of creating a Buzz marketing strategy which leads to strong Word of Mouth and distributes exponentially Buzz Marketing Creating excitement buildup leading to talk in the street The Focus: the talking about your promotion Mail, SMS and Web are integrated in a multi-channel campaign Word of Mouth LEADS TO.... Viral Marketing Get your audience to do your marketing for you The Focus: the spreading of your message Web is a key element Your customers becoming your brand evangelizers The Focus: On Brand Core Values Spontaneous peer-to-peer brand marketing Theory of Compounding Why Viral Works! Simple theory:

If everyone who sees your message just tells two friends about it, then the message starts to grow exponentially Tips for Creating a Successful Viral Marketing Campaign Rule 1: Start your Viral Internet Marketing campaign with an end in mind Rule 2: Spend the time developing a campaign which will speak to your audience Rule 3: Allow (and Encourage) multiple Viral Internet Marketing “infections strains" Rule 4: Offer a compelling reason to “spread the infection” Rule 5: Allow personalization of “Refer a Friend” fields Rule 6: Give things a little push in the right direction Rule 7: Test and Measure KeyS to Creating successful campaigns 1: Make people feel something 2: Do something unexpected 3: Do not try to make advertisements (that sucks) 4: Allow Sharing, downloading and embedding 5: Connect with comments 6: Never restrict access! Say what??!! Terminologies Described: If the purpose of your viral marketing campaign is to make sales, then design your campaign to drive people into your sales process.

If the purpose is to increase awareness... it should be geared for that! Create campaigns for specific audiences who would encourage sharing the message with others The lesson here is “Make it as easy as possible to share your marketing message, and you’ll reap the rewards.”

Make it as "infectious" as possible! Good content is enough reason to compel viewers to spread the content but offering other rewards are good too :P Nothing converts better than a personal recommendation about a product, from one close friend to another.

Don’t limit the “infection rate” of your viral marketing campaign by limiting the conversion rate of your e-mails.
For Viral marketing more means better! So to achieve that you can:

1. Start with the existing customer base

2. Get expert endorsements through popular blogs

3. Write media releases or e-books

4. Use Pay per clicks

THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!! Track where your viewers are coming from so that in the future those mediums can be properly utilized for enhanced results Create strong emotions! Encourage people to:

* be filled with love or hate.
* be very happy or insanely angry
* be an idiot or a genius

Whatever you choose make sure that its intense!
The more creative you are... the greater your chances for viral success Viral Marketing is not advertizing!

Its all about creating a good story

Forget the product, the company and even yourself for the moment and concentrate on creating a good story which interests the people What can you do you ask... The Answer:

* It can be extra movies similar in concept to the first one
* It can be a behind the scenes look
* Bloopers
* A blog about the process (like Nissan did)
* Extra material, goodies etc.
* ...you get the drift
If its not shared... its not Viral! You must allow people to:

* Download the content, in a usable format

* Easily embed the content on their own sites

* Send it to friends, either using a link or by sending the content directly.

* Publish it on varies social networks - Digg, YouTube etc.

* Allow people to add it the bookmarking sites

Campaigns can be either well recieved or criticized harshly... Be ready for both and do not create restrictions for people expressing their honest opinions To become truly viral never add restrictions to the mix

* Do not require people to register
* to become members
* to download special software
* to enter "unlock" codes
* ...or make them feel as if there are any limitations to accessing the content
So What Have We learned: Step 1: Make your viral internet marketing campaign interesting Step 2: Keep it simple and easily distributable Step 3: Use any and all mediums available while using innovative ideas to break the clutter Reason No. 1:
Easy to develop and relatively inexpensive Reason No.7:
Effective Reach higher with greater frequency Allow users complete customization for "refer a freind" emails

Allow complete freedom whenever and wherever possible! One person exposes the content to 2, the 2 to 4, 4 to 8, and eventually by the 21st exposure a phenomenal amount of 2,097,152 people have been reached!!! ATtain success through VIRAL MARKETING Also! If the audience can predict the end then you have failed Thats all Folks!!! Special Thanks To Sir Akhter Mehmood The Group Burhan A. Saiyed Sarosh Gul Ayesha Allawala Amna Nasir Mashal Masroor Noreen ahmed Kinza Khan Muhammad Hussain
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