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Social Media in WA Government

An overview of the pending Social Media Guidelines for use by WA Government agencies

Stewart Luxton

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Social Media in WA Government

In essence, social media is just another way to communicate, however, it is a paradigm shift away from traditional ‘one way’ communications methodologies we all use in WA Government

Social media should be used in addititon to your existing communications methodologies

Types of users

Real power of social media
anyone can play any role any time
sharers and listeners have access to creators like never before
creators have instant access to feedback and audience opinion

To use social media successfully, we need to:
understand users expectations
understand the types of users that exist in the social media space, and then
plan our social media accordingly ‘Social Media’ describes new online technologies that allow users to interact with others whilst creating, sharing and consuming information. It gives everyone the power to publish content

viable and popular communication method
provides great potential for effective communication
raises some risks if not managed well Stewart Luxton
Public Sector Commission Social Media in WA Government What is Social Media? Thanks for your time, any questions?

More information:
9219 6100 A social media process in 4 steps The social media guidelines Why is social media important? How can we use social media in WA Government? What is the role of PSC in this space? How is social media different? Sharing content with people
Main Roads WA use Twitter to alert users about perth traffic conditions

Engaging with citizens
AGIMO use GovSpace to discuss Web Accessibility related topics

Using the collective knowledge of the public
Queensland Police used Twitter and Facebook during the recent floods.

Just Listen
listen in to relevant social media conversations that already exist The Public Sector Commission provides broad policy advice on public sector management matters

PSC is developing guidelines on social media and can be contacted by agencies on this topic

They are not a policy or standard, they are guidelines

PSC were assisted by WA Government Social Media Reference Group More and more people are using social media to:
conduct business
interact with their friends, family and colleagues

Expectation exists amongst users of WA Gov services that we should be using social media also

Can be used both internally and externally

Social media is not mandatory for agencies Table of contents

What is the role of the PSC in this space?
What is social media?
Why is social media important?
How is social media different?
How can we use social media in WA Government?
The social media guidelines
A social media process
Questions and more information The purpose of the guidelines is to assist WA Government agencies determine if social media is an appropriate communications tool for their requirements and provides guidance on the best way to manage its use

The guidelines describe a process which agencies can follow.
based on best practise advice
ensures risk mitigation
places the responsibility on agencies Step 1 - Business Need

what is the goal/objective?

who is the audience?

what application to use? Step 2 - Assess the risks

What are the risks?

How can you mitigate the risks?

Create a risk management plan Step 3 - Make a plan




•Archiving and Recordkeeping

•Accessibility Step 4 - Implement

•Create an internal sign-off document (i.e. Business Plan) and detail step 1, 2 and 3 and other requirements per your agency


•Get exec sign-off


•Implement, manage, review, refine, update throughout its lifecycle
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