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Tech in the Future!!!

No description

Megan Pender

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Tech in the Future!!!

Robots: soldiers
Although we never think of it in this way, we are already using robots to fight our wars, theoretically. For example: cruise missiles, drones and air/missile defence systems. Many people think of future combat and think: robot apocalypse! Humans under robot control! Stop. Think. Robots have no minds, no conscience. They are simply machines made to do another human's bidding. However, your thinking is quite close to the truth. It is possible that military robots with strong artificial intelligence coud be built. We don't really know of their usefulness and it is also possible that a weapon like this could easily become uncontrollable. So be afraid!
Robots: housekeepers
Transport: cars
We all know that the coolest and fastest cars of today are Ferraris, Aston Martins, Porsches, Rolls Royces. Obviously, you and me would do anything to get one of these cars. But in the future, what will be the unaccessable cars that none but the richest can afford? As the tech escalates, we can be sure that these future cars will be nothing like the ones of today. Experts say that to help be more eco and environmentally friendly, cars will run on solar power, hydraulic electricity and even hydrogen. Driverless cars are being developed at this very moment, reducing the 1.24 million deaths that take place in the world per annum.
Transport: ships
Along with the trains, planes and cars, ships are undertaking huge changes, especially cruise ships. Rather than altering the routes and basic shapes of the ship, manufacturers are concentrating harder on the technology within the ship. Instead of announcing events through loudspeakers, smartphones, smart watches and eyewear will soon be what crew members use to inform passengers of news. RFID wristbands are also being tested by one cruise line which will mean that the crew can locate any passenger easily and without fuss.
Fingerprint recognition doors? Solar-powered boilers? Adjustable work surfaces? Seems a bit over the top, doesn't it? But no. Experts say that within ten to fifteen years, ordinary civilians could be living in houses with all these things and more. We could be living with mirrors that can tell you the weather and touch-screen kitchen tables. Houses like this are already being designed all over the world. The houses not only contain the technology to practically fly, they also look other-worldly. These houses are controlled by one small panel in the wall where you can adjust the temperature and music in each room!
Future Technology
Overall, the future of technology is looking absolutely ethereal and very, well. Futuristic. I think our future (as a 13 year old) is looking bright and I can't wait to see what future communications will be like. Who knows? With the future ahead, we could even discover how to build a time machine! The only dark side of this is: what will happen in the aspect of war. Powerful countries having control of these machines could prove catastrophic for us. But now, let's enjoy the future, as it comes!
Future Technology
The future is a mystery to all of us. However, we can be sure that it holds amazing things - amazing new things - that we will be able to use in our day-to-day activities. Obviously, I cannot tell you what
happen, but I can show you what
happen. In this prezi we'll explore future technology

Transport: planes and trains
Planes and trains are obviously very common in our time. You can see them, just about anywhere at any time. Nonetheless, they are going to develop and improve in many ways until the planes of today look nothing like the planes of tomorrow. Prototypes have been made without tail fins, which is said to greatly decrease the amount of fuel burned. Some of the trains being created by mechanics all over the world don't even run on rails. A train company has built the Maglev, a train that floats along the track via a very strong magnetic force. It moves at approximately 500 kmph! These public vehicles will be the norm soon enough.
Many companies already make robots to assist us: ovens, microwaves, vacuum cleaners and the like. But can you believe that soon enough we'll have small disk shaped robots whizzing around our floors? Metal humanoid butlers cleaning our tables and feeding our cats? Well, if you don't, do. And if you do, well done! iRobot, a roboting company have made a selection of robots that clean and do our daily chores. Very soon we could even have a self-flushing cat litter box. Imagine that!
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