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Choosing a College

With MDE Video

Jessica Larson

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Choosing a College

Choosing A College
We want to see you in college! Why??
Knowledge - Critical thinking skills

Potential - Who are you? What are your interests?

Opportunity - More doors open

Income - 1 Million Dollars
How many types of colleges are there in Minnesota?
2 Year colleges
Community College
Technical College

4 Year Colleges
2 Year Colleges
Complete the college application form
Request high school transcript
Pay the application fee
Are you applying to a 2 year college?
Fill out Application (online)
After accepted you will take a placement test ie: Accuplacer
You can do it!!
Visit us!

Includes information on:
Tax benefits
Tuition and Fees for 5 State Area
Financial Aid Estimator
Preparing, Selecting, Paying
Are you applying to a 4 year college?
Submit ACT or SAT scores
Talk with counselor about dates and how to sign up
Request letters of recommendation
Coaches, teachers, counselors, People in your community, church, volunteer org., Supervisors, mentors, leaders
Is an application essay required?
The essay is the best way to let the school know who you are individually. Who is the real you?
School may choose topic or you get to choose your own.
Make it personal!
Does the school require an interview?
Jessica Larson
Technical Colleges
Offer programs that emphasize hands on skills

Students often go right into careers in technical or industrial fields

Work with local employers to make sure students get the skills they need

Instructors are also often professionals in their field

Students can earn - Certificates, Diplomas, Associates Degrees
Community and Tribal Colleges
Provide first 2 years of a 4-year degree

Students often transfer to a 4-year institution to complete a bachelor's degree

Also offer career specific training for professionals

Students can receive - Certificates, Diplomas, Associates Degrees
4-Year Colleges and Universities
Offer a wide range of majors
Students can receive - Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree and Professional or Doctoral Degrees
Can be Public or Private
Usually have on-campus housing
Degrees take 4 years to complete
Students must meet certain requirements to be accepted
Offer a wide range of athletic programs as well as programs in the arts such as music and theater
But How do I apply??
Early applicants hear back first!!
Busy application season starts late fall!!
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