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United States and The Soviet Union During the cold war

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Joshua Rogers-Martin

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of United States and The Soviet Union During the cold war

United States and The Soviet Union During the Cold War

Accursia and Leanne

Soviet Union's Political Systems

- Protection of outside invasions and protection of citizens from one another.
- Negotiate
- Join international organizations
- Communist ( One party state)

American Economic Systems
Soviet Union's Post-War Goals
- Spreading of Communism
- GA in total control over eastern Europe
- Advancement in weaponry
American Political Systems
- Influence of government
- "Containment"
- Abandoned american ideals
- Democracy
Soviet Union's Economic System
- Command economy
- Promoted Communism
- Influence Eastern Europe
- Concentrated on military power

- Focusing on economic problems
- Marshall Plan in 1947
- Removing Soviet influence in other places
Soviet Union's Hold Over Europe
- Tightened its grip on countries it had liberated
- Political changes were slow
- "The war on Fascism ends, the war on capitalism begins"
- Iron Curtain
-Free market
-Influenced western Europe
-Job opportunities

America's Post-War Goals
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