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Online Workshops - Health Careers Center, University of Minnesota

The Health Careers Center at the University of Minnesota offers online workshops for students applying to medical school and other health professional programs.

Health Careers Center

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Online Workshops - Health Careers Center, University of Minnesota

Planning for Medical School
Expert Advice
Online Workshops
Become a stronger applicant
Get organized in planning for medical school or public health
Get help with personal statements & interviews
Prepare at a distance, at a time and place convenient to them
The Bottom Line?
Applicants to health professional programs
use these interactive, online workshops to:
University of Minnesota - Health Careers Center
Individualized Help
Low Cost
Online Workshops from the Health Careers Center:
Personal Statements
Online access anywhere, anytime
Student's pace...not someone else's
Log in from home, school, the coffee shop

The Health Careers Center will reviews action plans, personal statements and online recorded interviews to provide feedback.
Meet with in-person, via phone or Skype, or email.
Faculty, admissions reps, students, and professionals give advice on what you SHOULD DO and SHOULD NOT DO to be a competitive candidate.

U of MN Twin Cities students, the costs are covered with student service fees.
Outside of the U of MN, fees range from $15 - 50, which typically includes the consult time (free at some schools)
Interviewing Skills
Career Changers
Information included on how to set up an appointment.

Personal Statements for a Health Program

Guides students through writing the personal statement.
Topics include:

What is a personal statement?
Researching the program and profession
Conducting a self-assessment
Following the directions
Developing a theme
Creating an outline
Writing a draft
Revising and customizing
In each "Book" students click through the links here to view content.
Activities are positioned throughout the workshop to help breakdown the larger process.
After registration, students click on these "Book" links to access content.
Similar navigation
Content specific to health program interviews
Included are opinions from those who matter.
This workshop uses

to record the student's mock interview for online review
Have also used this technology for course assignments and interviews
Structured action plan
Interactive timeline
Why do an online workshop?
Titles of the online workshops are:
Explore Public Health
Let's explore the navigation and interactive elements
more closely.
For More Information:
University of Minnesota
Health Careers Center
University of Minnesota
Health Careers Center
Workshops include:
Interactive elements
Global Ambassadors for Patient Safety
Real stories and advice from students
Global Ambassadors for Patient Safety
Same structure
Successful quiz completion leads to "Oath"
Code U: High School Student's Guide for Planning and Health Careers
Planning for Medical School
Interviewing for a Health Program
Personal Statements for a Health Program
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