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The New Age Movement

No description

Matthew Zemanick

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of The New Age Movement

Logan Bevis
Joe Frangenberg
Matt Zemanick The New Age Movement What is it? History Influences on the New Age Movement Common Beliefs (cont.) Common Beliefs Common Beliefs (cont.) Moral Issues The New Age Movement is not a singular religion, but the embodiment of a wide variety of spiritual and occult ideologies. There is not a founder, only figures who have contributed to the ideologies.
The New Age Movement is a revival of ancient religious traditions. Its beginning can be traced back to when the events of Genesis 3:4-5 occurred. Heavily influenced by the religions of:
Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism Basically all New Agers believe in a type of Reincarnation. They also believe reincarnation was a fundamental teaching of the church, censured by early church fathers. Astrology - Many believe that astrology (horoscopes/zodiac signs) allows one to understand the future and what it holds. This comes from the belief of global unity. Many believe in moral relativism as well as spiritual relativism. "And the serpent said to the woman, you shall not surely die. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil." Other contributors to the ideology:
Thoreau, Emerson, Whitman -Transcendentalist
Helena Blavatsky, Henry Olcott - Theosophy
Franz Mesmer - Animal magnetism
Elphias Levi - Occult
George Gurdjieff - Matrix example Even though there is not an established teaching authority, certain aspects of the movement stand out. These are: Truth is Relative (at the very least on a spiritual level) They reject God as an individual being. God is the essence from which all life comes. In a way he is all beings. Man is perfect and divine; he is capable of creating his own reality. Every New Ager believes that every person has a 'higher self.' Though what that higher self is varies depending on the person. They believe that reincarnation is a progressive step towards godhood. How quickly an individual gets there depends on Karma. Once a person reaches self-realization they enter Nirvana and there is no more reincarnation. Aquarius - A new generation where harmony will be reached through economic unity which most believe will be achieved by an individual world leader. Channeling - belief that a spirit enters a body with consent from the host and delivers a message. Psychics - Many believe in the power to contact roaming spirits and speak to them. Meditation and Yoga - Inner peace and Unity However, they believe in Karma so decisions made will impact your future lives. One must choose to the best of their discretion. Current Leadership
and Membership Though there is no true leader there are many figures that are activists of the movement. These actvitists include:
Oprah Winfrey
Eckhart Tolle
Neale Donald Membership: though there is no official way to join the New Age Movement, people who share their ideals can find more information through New Age Movement magazines. Statistics on the New Age Movement are very hard to track. Due to this there is no accurate statistics on how many believers of the movement there are worldwide or in the United States (best estimate = 3.5 million). The movement's nature lends itself to people who are still 'members' of other religions. However, there has been a definite increase in believers of the movement in the past 30 years. Facts Apologetic Refutations Relativism is illogical. God in his very nature must be an individual, independent being. Man is a rational being who must rely on a creator for existence. This creator must be an individual, thus God. There is no higher form we can achieve other than our souls. We believe in glorified bodies, but those are gifts from God, not something we earn.

The Resurrection is not the same as reincarnation as believed by many New Agers. The Resurrection points to the glorified bodies at the end of time. In order to find true happiness in Heaven one needs to follow the specific path laid out by God through the bible. The state of Aquarius is very comparable to the idea of the anti-Christ in scripture. The New Age Movement in
Today's Society Apologetic Refutations (cont.) Who Is... God Jesus Many New Agers refer to God as not a he but rather an it. They believe God is an impersonal, omnipresent life form.
They believe that each person is connected and that everything that exists is of one essence. That essence being God, thus everything is a form of God. They believe that Jesus was a great man who evolved to a great state in life, the "Christ State." The New Ager's goal in life is to reach this self-realization. Aquarius - Global Unity We will have unity in three ways:
Man with man
Man with Nature
Man with God It is an umbrella religion. Within the New Age Movement there is no hierarchy, dogma, doctrine or membership. New Age followers represent 20% of the population and are the 3rd largest religious group. The Response of the Catholic Church The church warns that we should be watchful and aware of other false religions, in addition to the New Age Movement that are forming around us. The Church has also stated that it is highly immoral to embrace theosophical beliefs and philosophies, meaning internal belief in God. We are called to defend the Catholic faith against false movements such as the New Age Movement and refute its teachings. The Age of Aquarius This is a popular song, the lyrics call for a time where there is peace for all. The new agers' belief that how a person gets to spiritual enlightenment, and what they call that, such as God, or the light, is not important because there 'can't possibly be just one way,' is simply illogical. The God that Christians believe in and the "god" that new agers believe in are diametrically opposed New Age Movement vs. Christianity It is hard to write a history for the New Age Movement because it has adapted through hundreds of years and have been influenced by numerous events and people throughout history.
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