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Who invented Facebook and how did it get started?

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Israel Bolanos

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Who invented Facebook and how did it get started?

by: Israel Bolanos

When was Facebook invented?
Where are the Facebook heaquarters?
Who invented Facebook and how did it get started?
What was their purpose, and what was their goal?
What can they accomplish?
What's facebook main assets?
Mark Zuckerburg, it started as a college kid social media chat site, and turned into what it is now.

Febuarary 4th, 2004.
Menlo Park, CA.
They originally wanted to make a website/chat forum for their college community, and it turned into what it did today, and since it turned into the social media website it did they're trying to make it better than it already is.
They were originally trying to accomplish a social mission but they've built social bridges.
Stay in touch with your old friends, non-stop entertainment, there is a mobile app, chat with friends, pages for marketing.
To be appropriate classified, highlighting major acquisitions and the total number value of properties disposed by the department during previous financial year.
How much is the company worth?
- 15.47 billion.
How many employees does Facebook have?
- 6,337 employees
What are the employee's salaries?
- Some of them get paid monthly. Roughly: $6,000-$165,00
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