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ve celibration day by bobbie glew

No description


on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of ve celibration day by bobbie glew

the VE celibration
The VE day and how the celibrated it
The world war WWII started in 1939 by hitla and germony. But when hitla serenderd england and england selebrated as soon as the war ended and people had street partes like this picture below
Letters to friends
They wrote letters to there friends to ask them if they wanted to come on the street to have a tea party and celibrate that the WWII they pulled all of there tables out of there house if there house had blown up they brought there plates out and every thin encluding sofers
ve celibration day by bobbie glew
this slide will show you all about ve day
The VE celibration is when england beat jermony in WWII it was celibrated in 1945.
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