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Why Steve Harmon is guilty

No description

nathan galat

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Why Steve Harmon is guilty

Understanding what he did to deserve this fate Why Steve Harmon Is Guilty; Reason 1
He openly lied about being in the drugstore. "I hate this place so much. but if I didn't think of the movie I would go crazy" (Page 45) He hates jail so much that he would do practically anything to get out. That does not exclude lying in court. "I know I wasn't in the drug store that day" (talking in court)

'I thought about writing about what happened in the drugstore" (while in jail) (page 128) This shows him contradicting himself from what is truth when he is alone, to lies when he is in court. Reason 2 He questions his own morality and integrity "It's growing.First I was scared of being hit or raped. That being scared was like a little ball in my stomach. Now that ball is growing when I think about what kind of time I can get." (Page 139) Why would a man that is completely innocent have worries of being in jail? Any normal person would just wait till the court saw the truth and wait for justice. For this reason, Steve thinks that he did it, on top of the factual evidence. Reason 3 He gave the others the sign that it was safe, so he is part of the crime. "Anybody can walk into a drug store and look around. Is that what im on trial for?" Yes, yes it is. Who goes with their friends to a store, looks around, then just walks off without saying a word or even acknowledging the people he came with? Summary The facts we have presented show that he did not only give a signal to his peers to commit a crime resulting in a murder, he also lied to the court, and then felt even himself that he is guilty on some level. "And that's all I ask of you: to reach into your hearts and minds and bring that measure of justice. Thank you."
Petrocelli: page 262 By not doing anything, he does what is out of the ordinary. He gives the signal for the others to commit the robbery which ends up killing a man. Introduction In the time that we have, we will show you the facts that point to Steve Harmon being guilty, for example; -He lied about being in court
-He questions his own morality
-He gave the signal that helped in the crime
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