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George Lucas ISearch

The life and movies of George Lucas

Marc Outlaw

on 20 January 2010

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Transcript of George Lucas ISearch

Marc Outlaw presents George Lucas' Journey How I Chose I have been researching George Lucas because he has inspired
me ever since I was a child. I considered Walt Disney, or
Harrison Ford for my project but i don't think that either of them
are as interesting as George lucas. I chose George Lucas because he
had such a huge impact on my life and others. Oliver Hatfield, a
Texas A&M student who I interveiwed about George Lucas,
states "Of courseGeorge Lucas' movies had a huge impact on
me! I have a Jedi braid for heaven's sake!" (Oliver Hatfield 1/19/10).
George Lucas is also a huge inspiration to me because I love
his movies and I've always wanted to have great ideas that could
change the world. What I Learned The one major event that changed George Lucas' life forever was the car crash he was involved in, in June of 1962.This crash changed his whole outlook on life. According to Skywalking by Dale Pollock George said "I survived that crash for a reason and I am going to be a better person from now on." (32). This crash also happened at a young age so his relization came very early for him. What surprised me about George Lucas was that he got almost all of his inspiration from television and comic books. Those two objects were the most influencial pieces in his life, other than the crash. Another thing George Lucas loved more than anthing else was cars. He was a real racing machine and his love for cars influenced his childhood greatly. While in school, Lucas got Ds and Cs, he also hung out with the wrong group of kids, like the bikers and druggies, yet he has become one of the most successful men in history. Also what I found was unusual was that George Lucas did not find out what he wanted to do with the rest of his life until he was in his second year of college. He discovered this when he took a film class in college and then realized his calling was for moviemaking. My view of George Lucas has changed because I just though he was one cool guy with great ideas, now I realize that he had to rise from almost the poverty level to achieve greatness. He put his mind to something and he did it. His life is extemely inspirational to me. George Lucas has won so many awards for moviemaking an article states them as "countless." another article states that " He achieved more in thirty years than some people do in a lifetime of hard work." (paragraph 6). All it takes is one great idea to change the world.
The Connection George Lucas' journey through life can be
explained as adventurous and inspirational. I learned that anything is possible if you want it. Nobody can tell you that you can't do it, not even your own father (no pun intended). I can relate George Lucas to my dad because my dad had to work since he was a child to raise enough money to go to college. My dad started out poor just as George Lucas did and earned his way to one of the top spots of the pipeline industry. Also I can rtelate myself to George Lucas because I had no idea what I was going to do for this project. Until I put some hard work into it I figured out how to use all the technology involved.
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