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"Stella Berdaxagar's 2012, a Time for Harvesting and New Achievements!"

It is a portfolio about my teaching experience all over the years in all the institutions I have worked so far.

Stella Maris Berdaxagar

on 2 June 2016

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Transcript of "Stella Berdaxagar's 2012, a Time for Harvesting and New Achievements!"

It was thanks to UNLPam.
to APPi and to Conectar Igualdad that
students and teacher were able to learn a lot.
Phase 2
Labour and more labour...
Phase One
Students created videos, prezis,
cmaps, ppts, brochures.
All ICTs experiences were uploaded to https://docentesinnovadores.net/Contenidos/MisExperiencias
Although much of the time
we did not have access to internet or use netbooks ,teaching and learning was possible.
Willingness and the desire for learning were the keys.
Our Produce
The teacher learned how to use ICTs in the classroom with or without 1 to 1 model in elearning.
Soil Sustainability
Students High School & Polymodal.
Amadeo Jacques Institute.
Colegio María Ofelia Espósito
Teacher: Stella Maris Berdaxagar.
Quemú Quemú, La Pampa, Argentina.
Year 2012.
Conectar Igualdad Secuencia Didácticas.
As every town . it has got banks, a police station, a bus station,a town hall, supermarketa ,shops,
offices.a cooperative company , a senior center and even a flying club{ Every year Quemú Quemú always has got the presence of a parade of racing cupecitas (old cars).
have pleasure and
Students First Form B Polymodal.

Amadeo Jacques Institute.

Teacher: Stella Maris Berdaxagar.

Quemú Quemú, La Pampa, Argentina.

Year 2012.

Conectar Igualdad Secuencia Didácticas.
Finally we can show our monument to Kennedy because it is one of the most significant landmarks we have.
In Quemú, we also carry out sporting activities such as marathons, football tournaments, basketball, volleyball, rugby, tennis and cestoball
Where it is a pleasure to share every second of our lives.
A little town with great peace.
Come to visit us, with your family downtown or in the parks or in shows to enjoy a great weekend.
Quemú Quemú, a little town with a great peace.
When spring arrives. traditional festivals, such as the Pampa Fortin, a place where the gauchos meet
perform rodeo rides ,taming or horseback riding and always organizes parades. .
it also has got parks for children, there are schools from very young children to adults . There is also a VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY!!!
Quemú Quemú is a town in the northeast of the province of La Pampa in Argentina. It is the head of the department of the same name.
It has got approximately 5,000 inhabitants.

Our town :
Quemú Quemú
“A Place Where It Is Nice To Live in“
This town apart from having an enormous and beautiful square in the city center, in which there are various activities,
What has Quemú got that other towns have not?
The world knew about us through third party sites, Latin American Innovator Teachers. Peruvian USMP Virtual University and the Global Education Conference Network who learned about our task ,invited us and accepted us as speakers with valuable experiences despite the lack of resources.
Impact of ITC
Impact of ICT
Colegio M.O Espósito
Instituto Amadeo Jacques
Prof.Stella M,Berdaxagar
That is all ,folks.See you .Thanks.
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