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Napoleon's Buttons Chapters 1-6

No description

Nick Johnson

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Napoleon's Buttons Chapters 1-6

Nitro Compounds Molecular structure Napoleon's Buttons 1-6 By Victor Fink and Nick Johnson - caressing feel
- coolness in hot weather, and warmth in cold
- Luster and ability to dye
- Silk is expensive, and Nylon is cheap - Cellulose is a main component of many plants, such as cotton
- Cotton was a major factor in the slave trade
- First established in the middle east, but america had a perfect climate
- Processed in Europe, made in other places Why is it Important? - Without Cellulose there would be no cotton
- Main crop in Americas so it effected the slave trade
- Trade in the middle east
- Manufacturing of Europe Molecular Structure - silk is a protein
- amino acids = amino group plus acid group
- chain of amino acids is a protein
- R group is a side group to the amino acid, and can be different in the same substance
- hard to replicate exactly because of difference in R groups - Glucose is a major part of all sugars
- sugars are a very big part of our diet
- desserts and many other
treats have a lot of sugar Peppers, Nutmeg, and Cloves Started the Age of Discovery
Became common in foods
Provided great gain for the Venetian economy
Countries began finding ways to India
Led to Columbus finding the "New World"
Nutmeg was used to help prevent the Black Plague Molecular Stucture Black and White Peppers have Piperine, which is C14H19O3N
Piperine can connect to a protein on our nerves, sending out a signal Why is it Important? Cellulose Glucose - Without firearms war would have changed
- Conquering of less advanced cultures
- Movement through large terrain such as through a mountain Why is it important - Main crop at the start of the Slave trade
- development of artificial sugars
- integration of many sweet foods into the diet Ascorbic Acid Molecular Structure Silk And Nylon - Cellulose is a polymer of glucose
- Body cant break it down (b linkage)
- Rigid, insoluble, absorbant fiber so great for clothing - Explosive

- NO2 in all compounds

- Firearms, explosives in war due to Nitrogen
compounds - Triple bond of nitrogen releases a ton of energy.
- Oxygen is needed to light fire
- Expanding gasses make the explosion
- More NO2= bigger explosion Why is it Important? - Silk Road and Trading due to the want for silk
- Making of nylon was because of a need for the qualities of silk at a cheaper price
- clothing and fashion has been effected by silk Chilli peppers are made of Capsaicin, which is almost the exact same as Piperine
The only differences between Piperine and Capsaicin is the placement of a double bond, and the the amount of Carbon and Hydrogen
Zingerone, found in ginger, is again very similair to Piperine and Capsaicin
These molecules all increase salivation which aides digestion, and then the heat helps produce more endorphins
Eugenol and Isoeugenol, found in nutmeg and cloves, also compare heavily to peppers Molecular Structure Without spices countries may have had no reason to find ways to India, and the founding of the "New World' may have been delayed, as well as we wouldn't have out delicious salsa's and chilli's today - 6 carbon helix (C6H12O6)
- Soluble
- sweet on the tongue
-the -OH allows bonding with
itself and others Is the main prevention to Scurvy
Helped keep crews healthy and able to preform in cases of emergency
Helped James Cook to voyage through the Antarctic Circle for the first time Vitamin C is required in a human diet
Humans lack the gulonolactone oxidizing enzyme which allows animals to harvest vitamin C from glucose
Is an amazing food preservative Molecular Structure Why is it Important Why is it Important? - Allowed voyages far from Land
- Mostly stopped the disease of Scurvy
- led to discoveries by sea
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