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Rene Martinez

on 27 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

How to drive a manual car
You may be wondering why go through such trouble trying to learn to drive a manual car when you can simply get an automatic and move on through life. But there should be a reason why we still have manual cars on the road today.
Manual vs. Automatic
Manual transmission saves gas and is cheaper
More control of your car with a manual
Getting started
To start driving a standard car it is best to go to an empty parking lot.
The most challenging part of learning standard is getting the car to move.
Every car has a different clutch, generally, it is easier to learn in a car rather than a jeep or truck.
Turning it on
In order to turn the engine on you have to press on the clutch and than turn the key.
Since the car isn't moving you have two options:
Keep pressing the clutch
Shift to neutral
Not doing the following will "kill" the engine.
Going from Zero to One
1. Press the clutch and shift to first gear. Remember to not let go of the clutch.
2. Press the gas pedal, simultaneously let go of the clutch. Don’t let go the clutch completely, just take a bit off. The gas and the clutch have an inversely proportional relationship.
3. Halfway through the process you should notice the car moving. Continue until your foot is completely off the clutch for a smooth start.
Physical differences
A manual car has three pedals
The shift knob is different
Moving On
Once the car gets some speed you will eventually have to shift to second, third, and so on.
To shift up or down in any gear you will do the same procedure.
1. Let go off the gas.
2. Press on the clutch.
3. Shift up/down gears.
4. Let go off the clutch.
5. Press on the gas
Generally, you should shift gears up when the tachometer is around 3,000 rpms and shift down around 1,500 rpms.
Coming to a Stop
When you are coming to a stop you simply shift to neutral and let the car “cruise”, stopping as you wish with the brake.
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