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Simple past and the verb To be

No description

Omar Lizarazo

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of Simple past and the verb To be

TO BE Simple Past We use this time when
we say something that
happened before the
moment in which it is
mentioned Personal Pronouns

They Expressions Structures Negative Sentence Subject + Verb to be + not + Complement
past Interrogative Sentence Verb to be + Subject + Complement + Question
past mark Jack was at home last night Jack was not at home last night Was Jack at home last night? Affirmative sentence Subject + Verb to be + Complement
past Exercises Were Jack and Lily in the movie theather?

No, they weren`t. They were at the restaurant Were they in the river yesterday morning? Were Marge and Homer at the doctor? Was the telephone on the sofa? Were Jack and Lily at the restaurant?

Yes, they were at the restaurant. Contractions

were not weren't
was not wasn't Jack wasn't at home last night Homework
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