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Blue Whale

Blue Whale

ryan bradley

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Blue Whale

Blue Whale
By:Ryan What is the blue Whale? The blue whale is the biggest whale in Antarctica
bigger than the Sei whale,Orca,Fin Whale,Sperm whale
Right whale,Minke whale,Humpback whale & The fin Whale Whats the diet of the blue whale? The diet of the blue whale is
Mostly Krill & Small prawn The preditors of the blue whale? Mostly Likely Orca (Killer) Whales
Are Prditors of the blue whales & Baby blue whales General Classification: Blue whales suck up Krill
By sucking up water & after the whale collects all the krill it needs,it spits out the water in its mouth,& then,It does it for its child aswell
Intresting Facts: Blue whales were almost extinct is 1960
By being hunted by the people (Humans)
Killing animals that attack their land,Blue whales had
nothing to do with it Behavior The behavior of the blue whale
is good or bad,Somtimes good
or sometimes bad Blue whales sometimes spit out the krill
if the krill is bad,once a krill was really bad but the blue whale
ate it
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