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7 Essential Web Things

Web resources that align Common Core themes with practical apps on the web.

Kristen Frank

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of 7 Essential Web Things

Aligning Common Core Standards with practical apps on the web (that are fun to use!) 7 Essential Web Things • Lead High-Level, Text-Based Discussions:
• Focus on Process, Not Just Content
• Create Assignments for Real Audiences and with Real Purpose (that is, create assignments that having real world applications to them)
• Teach Argument, Not Persuasion
• Increase Text Complexity

---Eye On Education's Senior Editor, Lauren Davis, "5 Things Every Teacher Should Be Doing to Meet Common Core State Standards." Preface: What 5 things should educators know about the Common Core?

It means incorporating project-based learning in the classroom. This allows teachers to emphasize the learning process and gives students an opportunity to discover information on their own, create their own content, and draw conclusions on topics and issues.
In other words: it means connecting the subjects they are learning with practical, real-world applications and experiences. So, let's begin. Ergo...7 Essential Web Things! Why it's cool:
It's an interactive & fun way to give presentations
Greater visual impact than more linear presentation software
There's an app for it (iPad-friendly)
Cloud-based software!
You can Prezify your PPTs
It's free (for educational purposes & with a username/password Web Thing#1: Cloud Presentations
Prezi Essential Web Thing #2: Website Publishers

http://www.Wix.com Why it's Cool:
It's a "Graphic Blog" utilizing images, text, movies and music
students can publish or upload their glogs to other websites using simple HTML coding or simply display their glogs on Glogster for other users to see
Free individual student accounts (teachers can sign up for a 30-day trial period as well) Essential Web Thing #3: NonBlog Blogs

http://www.glogster.com Why It's Cool:
Fastest, easiest video editing site out there (in my humble opinion)
Can create simple or complex videos with your own files and uploadables or use the songs and images they provide.
Great for librarian book talks or student "commercials"
Can upload to YouTube easily Essential Web Thing #4: Video Creators

http://animoto.com/ http://.glogster.com Check out this resources for an overview of the common core standards. http://www.corestandards.org/about-the-standards
***Media and technology play a central role in the common core, in both critical analysis of media, as well as the production of media.*** Disclaimer: I am not attempting to be an expert on these apps or on web resources in general; I am merely here to guide you through some cool resources I have found to be really useful, creative, and fun for students to use (and that also happen to align with Common Core standards.) Why They're Cool:
Students can either create one comic or create a login to create many comics and display their work to other members
Allows creativity without needing too much tech-know
Offers a different way for students to showcase their writing and/or analytical skills Web Thing #5 Comic Strip Generators

Stripgenerator.com OR WittyComics.com Why It's Cool:
It creates professional, flash-based websites
It uses WYSIWYG, which means no coding and "Drag and drop" functionality
Tons of customizations and features
Even the fancy features are free
Allows students to incorporate various projects and assignments; gives them the opportunity to create an online hub or portfolio for their work. Ok, So What does THAT mean? Free Tech for Teachers
http://www.freetech4teachers.com/ Web Thing #7: Useful Websites Why it's cool:
Richard Byrne knows what educators need in the classroom because he's been IN the classroom as an English and Global Studies teacher, and he is also a Google Certified Teacher.
Everything you ever wanted to know about web resources in education can be found here.
Tutorials & how-to videos galore Why It's Cool:
creates easy and colorful concept maps
Adds structure to brainstorming sessions or study sessions
Allows students to share (via email and secure URL), publish, and embed their mind maps
Intuitive design for easy use
Easily view the history/evolution of your concept map; see who contributed what Web Thing #6 Concept Mapping Tools
http://www.mindmeister.com Hopefully this either gave you some ideas or was a nice refresher! (if not...boo.)
Lots of tools out there to show teachers, be creative, and emphasize the common core standards
The following video was featured on the TEDTalks website; this guy ever-so-eloquently slams a poem about how awesome teachers (and librarians) are. (he does use explicit language twice here, so consider that when you watch.) RECAP:
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