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No description

Silvenna Yang

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Photography

The Life Through a Lens
Rule of Thirds

Tree photographed one third
Different angle
Darker view
Vantage Point

Worms view
Side angle
High angle
Tree Shadows
Object Isolation
Isolated plant
Rule of Thirds
Divided into thirds horizontally and vertically, the four intersecting spots are optional to where the most important subject of the photo is to be placed.
Vantage Point
Where the person is taking the picture in relation to the subject.
Outline that is dark against a lighter background. Subject has relatively no detail
Lines typically lead the eyes towards whatever the subject may be. Diagonal lines are typically dynamic, where curved lines are graceful.
Enhances the effectiveness of the image, they create fascinating pictures,
Object Isolation
Objects that are singled out from their environment, this shows detail and makes important subjects prominent.
Sky Shots

Hill shadow
People Shadows
Single flower
Nature isolated
Horizontal lines
Vertical trees vs curve
No clouds sky
Sky Shots
The different types of clouds make for an interesting picture and add more to a plain blue background
Leading line
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