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The Curious Life of Nathaniel Hawthorne

No description

Safa Khawaja

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of The Curious Life of Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Curious Life of
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Early Childhood of a Literary Genius
Sweeny Todd Moment
The Hawthorne Family moves back to Salem and he got a job at the Salem Custom House
June of 1849- Nathaniel Hawthorne loses his job because of a political issue and is super-upset!
"I detest this town so much that I hate to go out into the streets, or to have people see me." He begins work on a novel about adultery and hypocrisy in Salem.
Herman Melville dedicates "Moby Dick" to Hawthorne
Franklin Pierce, an old college-buddy, became the President. Pierce gives Hawthorne a political title in Liverpool
by Safa Khawaja
Beginning Roots
Nathaniel Hawthorne was born on July 4, 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts to Nathaniel Hathorne and Elizabeth Clark Manning.
Salem, Massachusetts
During the Salem Witch Trials, John Hathorne, Hawthorne's ancestor, was the sole judge responsible at the trials. Nathaniel Hawthorne added a 'w' to his name to hide the relation when he heard of his unfortunate lineage.
Another Misfortune D:
When Hawthorne was playing "bat and ball" around the age of 10, he was struck in the leg with the ball. He was bed-ridden for a year, and refused to walk because of it. He used crutches for several months after-wards. He was described as an "uncooperative" and "stubborn" patient. His doctors (which included his future father-in-law!) were unable to find a physical injury. He miraculously recovered 14 months after his accident.
Hawthorne's father, a Sea Captain, died of Yellow Fever when he was in South America in 1808. Nathaniel was just 4.
After his father's death, Nathaniel Hawthorne moved with his mother and two sisters to their maternal relative's house where they lived for 10 years.
Meanwhile, he published 'The Spectator', a news-magazine, and handed it out to family members. It lasted a month.
College Days
Despite Hawthorne's protests, his Uncle insisted that he should go to college. His Uncle gave him financial support and off to
Bowdoin College he went!
On his way to Boudoin College, he met future president: Franklin Pierce. They became best buds. Also befriends a poet by the name of Longfellow.
"...I was an idle student, negligent of college rules...
rather choosing
to nurse my own fancies than to dig
into Greek roots..."
Graduated- 1825
He withdraws from the world.
He isolates himself for a decade.
He ate his meals alone and avoided people.
Life Moves On..
1828- Published 'Fanshawe' anonymously and the public ignores it

1839- Hawthorne gets a job at the Custom House and quits.

1841- Moves to a Utopia!

1842- Married Sophie Peabody, a painter

Hawthorne's Family
Eldest Daughter - Una
Son- He was nameless for months until the Hawthornes decided that "Julian" was a good name
Last daughter- Rose
Result: The Scarlet Letter
In 1850, the book is published. It's very scandalous and became a best-seller despite of it or because of it. (Who knows?)
The Introduction is called "The Custom House" and he added it to insult his workplace/employer
When he read the last part to his wife, she ran to bed crying.
Huge part of American Literature
Friends in many places
He died at the age of 59 while vacationing with President Pierce. (1864)
Julian, a freshman at Harvard, was getting initiated into his fraternity by being blind-folded and put into a coffin. It was on that day he learned of his father's death.
Hawthorne was buried at the Sleepy Hollow Cementrary. His wife and daughter were buried in England. In 2006, a blood-relative granted permission to exhume the remains of his wife and daughter and bury them next to Nathaniel Hawthorne after 142 years apart.
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