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Chapter 6 Rizal's First Homecoming (1887-1888)

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Christine Carol Ansing

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 6 Rizal's First Homecoming (1887-1888)

Chapter Rizal's 1st Homecoming Dr. Jose P. Rizal Archbishop Pedro Payo Sent a copy of the Noli to Fr. Gregorio Echevarria, Rector of the University of Santo Tomas to examine the novel. Rizal’s plans of coming back home did not permit Rizal to go out alone Don Francisco Mercado Antonio Ma. Regidor A Propagandist rushed to uphold the truths of the Noli. Jose Taviel de Andrade A young Spanish lieutenant who came from a noble family Rizal and Andrade became good friends. He was cultured and knew painting He could speak French, English and Spanish. Calamba Hacienda Rizal's Clinic Don Segismundo Moret former Minister of the Crown. Marcelo H. del Pilar A Propagandist rushed to uphold the truths of the Noli. Mariano Ponce A propagandist rushed to uphold the truths of the Noli. Noli Me Tangere Father Francisco de Paula Sanchez Rizal’s favorite teacher in Ateneo defended and praised the novel in public. Graciano Lopez-Jaena A propagandist rushed to uphold the truths of the Noli. Rizal's Clinic Sign One of the reason why Rizal want to go back in the Philippines is to operate his mother’s eyes.
Doña Teodora Alonso Realonda Rizal’s mother is his first patient.Rizal treated her eyes but could not perform any surgical operation because her cataracts were not yet ripe.
One reason why Rizal was determined to come back to the Philippines is to inquire why Leonor Rivera remained silent.
Leonor Rivera Rizal introduced European sports fencing and shooting to discourage them from cockfighting and gambling.
Olimpia Mercado-Ubaldo died because of child birth. Fr. Federico Faura told Rizal that everything in the novel was the truth and warned him that he may lose his head because of it.
Prof. Ferdinand Blumentritt Rizal’s best friend
Prof. Miguel Morayta historian and stateman
Paciano Mercado Rizal’s adviser and only brother. Paciano did not leave Rizal during the first days after arrival to protect Rizal from any enemy assault.
Vicente Barantes During the Noli Me Tangere in Spain, he is a Spanish academician of Madrid who formerly occupied high government position in the Philippines bitterly criticized the novel in an article published in the Madrid newspaper, La España Moderna.
One of the sad moments of Rizal while in Calamba is Rizal tried to visit her in Tarlac but his parents forbade him to go because Leonor’s mother did not like him for a son-in-law.
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