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Terrell reid

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Terrell reid

character traits We Beat the Street Sampson saw Razor get in a car crash because he was on drugs. He had A terrible crash into the light pole. All of Razors friends watched him die. The police pulled the dead body from the car. The car was in flames and damaged. Razors mom was crying in sadness that her son that is now dead. Setting THEME THINGS I LIKE ABOUT THE BOOK APATHY WORDS We beat the street is Rameck is thoughtless because he slammed someone on the ground he might have got charches pressed. Sampson is brave when the rock fell on his foot and didn't cry. George is nice because he doesn't get in any trouble Remek slammed a person to the ground because he wasn't thinking when he could have got in a lot of trouble. So I think the author wants you to think before you do. Just like think before you speak. Sometimes I speak before I think and I get in trouble. WE BEAT THE SREET IS THE BEST BOOK EVER THE END THANK YOU 1. The book has amazing detale. 2. I teaches a lesson about what to do on the streets. 3. The amazing scenes that they put in there. 4. That they find what there looking at the end. 5. I like that they all made the right choice. LACK OF INTERESTS OR DESIRE FOR ACTION. VAST VERY GREAT OR EMMENS. INTENTION AIM A PLAN, A PURPOSE A MEANING TUITION MONEY PAID FOR INSTRUCTION. DESPITE THE SPITE OF. awesome best book ever
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