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Mayan Geography, Sports and Pastimes

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Danielle Yucht

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Mayan Geography, Sports and Pastimes

The winners would receive trophies, which were later found in their graves
Losers were sacrificed to the gods
Bets were often placed on the outcome of the game
Exact rules are not certain because there were probably variations across cultures and periods.
Ball Game Contd.
The Ball Game was played by all major Mesoamerican civilizations
The first organized team sport in history
Try to get a rubber ball through the hoop - not using your hands
The court was made of a flat rectangle with two walls at either side, each wall having a vertical hoop as a goal
Court was located in the sacred district of the city
Ball Game
Also called "Northern Lowlands"
Drier forests than that of the Lowlands composed of small, thorny trees
Northern Yucatan Peninsula
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Mayan Geography, Sports and Pastimes
The End
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Mesoamerica, the home of the Mayans, spans across Central America to what is now Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.
This area was divided into three regions:
The Lowlands
The Highlands
The Northern Yucatan Peninsula
The Mayans mostly occupied the Northern Yucatan Peninsula and the Lowlands
The Lowlands
Mostly tropical rain forests
Scattered savannas and swamps interrupted these
Called "Lowlands" because it is not as high above sea level as the "Highlands," which include a mountain range.
Sports and Pastimes
Goal and Court Wall
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