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Mixing Mediums and Exploring New Techniques

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peter lapinid III

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Mixing Mediums and Exploring New Techniques

Detail 1
Modern artists rejected the styles that came before them, specifically the Romantic style. They revolted against the Romantic techniques, subjects and expressions. They also rejected physical reality, which was the subject matter in Realism. They removed unnecessary ornaments from their artworks.
Detail 2
The modern artists are of three types: (a) the sensationalists who want to break away from artistic conventions and reject most accepted values; (b) the experimentalists who seek new methods and combinations of materials to express themselves: (c) the artist who combine what is good sensationalists and experimentalists and what is valid in the past into their new artistic expression
Detail 3
Given these characteristics of modern art, we define and describe the techniques employed by the modern and contemporary artist
Mixing Mediums and Exploring New Techniques
COMPOSITION- is the arrangement of the elements of art to create a unified whole.

Process- is the procedure taken to do an artwork. It tells how the artist used various materials in creating the artwork

Symbol- is something that stands for an object or idea.

Medium- is the material which the artist uses for his/her art. Some exmaples of mediums used in art-making are:
Detail 4
1. Finger Painting Acrylic- The pigment used in finger painting is pasty substances mixed with water and smeared on slick paper with the fingers.
2. Watercolor- Watercolor pigments are mixed with water and applied to colors beneath will show if you paint another color on top.
3. Poster Paint- This medium is sometimes called opaque watercolor.
4. Oil Paint- Oil paints are made by mixing pigments with oil to form a thick substances like toothpaste.
5. Acrylic- This is called plastic paints.
6.Pastels- These pigments are molded into stick similar to chalk.

Technique is the method of using the medium to achieve the desired result.
Here are some techniques used in art making:
1. Constructed sculpture has a number of parts put together.
2. Assemblage is a direct technique using a variety of materials arranged to form a 3-D image.
3. Mobiles are constructed sculptures that hang from the ceiling and move with the movement of air.
4. Installation is an art piece made up of mediums assembled together and designed for a specific space.
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