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Just Walk On By

No description

Xavier Martinez

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Just Walk On By

1 Staple's thesis is based on the racial profiling he believes is still around until this time. He implies it by telling his story and setting actual examples to back up his thoughts.
1. He mentions Podhoretz because he is setting one example of a person who has hatred for African American. I believe he can make the same points without mentioning Podhoretz.

Vocab Project
My thoughts
My thoughts about this story is neither positive nor negative. Yet, I do believe there is racial profiling primarily directed to African and Hispanic Americans. Based on your looks or race police have interrogated or have focus their attention. I am not saying it happens every time, but there are police out there that racially profile people.
Xavier Martinez
An Essay written by Brent Staples based on the current controversies surrounding racial profiling of criminal suspects.
The Essay starts out with Chicago and ends up taking place in New York around the late 70s and early 80s.
The author is trying to convey how
appearance can lead to discrimination.

Just Walk On By
Difficult Words
Discreet, quarry, constrain, uninflammatory, insomnia, bravado, billowing, wayfarers, constituionals.
The different synonyms for THUG are:
Ruffian, Hooligan, Vandal, Hoodlum, Gangster, Villain, and Criminal.

In some way they do convey the same idea, but some such as villain or gangster can be used differently depending on the concept of the idea given.
Xavier Martinez
Xavier Martinez
Diana Ruiz
Gustavo Madrigal
Melissa Caudillo
Purpose &
Cindy Ramirez
Erick Reyna
4- Staples presented his examples for how he was growing and experiencing these events. How he gave his examples I think it was good enough to show us how African Americans or other races feel of discrimination.
Erick Reyna
3- Stables assume his audience profile criminals solely on
the basis of race, there are high prevalence of the police profiling directed
primarily at African and Hispanic Americans. He challenges these
preconceptions by making himself less threatening. He moved about
with care, he give a wide berth to nervous people, and entering
a building behind some people who appear skittish he may walk by
letting them clear the lobby before his return.

4- Stables in his first sentence named a woman his “first victim,” to present
current controversies surrounding racial profiling of criminal suspects.
His first sentence showed us how people discriminate him just because
of his race. He succeeded because he presented how people see him as
a criminal.

Cindy Ramirez
5. Staples methods to make himself less of a threat he had to reduce tension by walking careful, giving wide space to nervous people,
he tried to be calm, collective, congenial, and casual around them. And since no muggers would be bright and sing happy tunes he would
whistle melodies from Beethoven, Vivaldi, and popular classic music.

3. Staples made himself clear of how he lived in a threatening Chicago. His examples showed his concern and fear of neighborhoods and
near people. Staples had no way to prove who he was and was considered a criminal in people eyes.
Melissa Caudillo
3: He walks on night because he was suffering a bout of insomnia.
4: The consummation of the male romance with power to intimidate.
When an infant discovers that random flailing send the baby bottle flying out of the crib and crashing to the floor. Delighted,the joyful baby repeats those motions again and again, seeking to duplicate the feat.
2: A)Its very effective because you think that he's a rapist or a killer but he's just a normal person and because he is black everybody think
that he was a bad person because of the racism in that time,
B) I think another opening would be very boring because the one staple's used you won't know what would happen after.

Gustavo Madrigal
1. Staples refers to the women as "victim" in a metaphoric way. He tries to communicate that the women was the first he noticed that racially profiled him.
2. When he says " power" he actually refers to the fear or menace he causes the people due to his appearance.
Diana Ruiz
2. I personally think that it is effective. It gives you a main idea of what the story is going to be about.
Xavier Martinez
Gustavo Madrigal
Diana Ruiz
Cindy Ramirez
Melissa Caudillo
Erick Reyna
Favian Peraza

Favian Peraza
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