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By Samantha Sherman

Samantha Sherman

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Bridges

Bridges By Samantha Beam Bridges This is a beam bridge in Eagle
County, Colorado Some good things that beam bridges offer are that they are fairly simple and easy to build, and are pretty cheap. Some bad things about beam bridges are that they cannot be very long, and they're not the best looking. Arch Bridges This is the Garabit Bridge in
Massif Central, France. Some good things about arch bridges are that they can be made with many options for building supplies, and they are very strong, so they can hold a lot of weight. Some bad things about arch bridges are that they are very costly, and they can only be built in areas oppropriate to how the bridge is built. Truss Bridges This is the Kern Truss Bridge on Township
Road over
LeSueur River Some good things about truss bridges are that they are very strong, and are able to be used as a draw bridge. Some bad things about truss bridges are that they are pretty hard to build, and they have to constantly be taken care of. Suspension Bridges This is the Brooklyn Bridge, and it's located in New York Some good things about suspension bridges are that they can be built very long, and are very attractive looking. Some bad things about suspension bridges are that they are very costly, and need a lot of material in order for them to be built. Cable-Stayed Bridges This is the Sunshine Skyway
Bridge in Florida Some good things about cable-stayed bridges are that they are less expensive to build than suspension bridges, and are pretty attractive. A bad thing about cable-stayed bridges is that they are more expensive than most other bridges, except for suspension bridges. Thanks for watching my Prezi!!!! Bridges are awesome!!!
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