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20th Century Oppression

No description

Reena Sheppard

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of 20th Century Oppression

Woman Oppression
By: Nick Bland, Jordyn Levine, Megan Pauly, Reena Sheppard, Ally Motts
20th Century Oppression
Women became much more into their "looks" in the 20th century. Their were ideal body types for each decade through out the 1900's, and many women struggled to meet those standards. The majority of the women's rights movement also took place during the 1900's. This entire century was filled with change, especially for women.
21st Century Oppression
Although women have more rights than before, they are still oppressed a very significant amount.
Women are victims of rape and domestic violence.
Rape has tripled in the past 5 years compared to the mid 1900's. Since the numbers are so high, it would be thought that something could have been done already, but no. Women are still victims of rape everyday. As seen on our website the statistics tend to stand out, but nothing has been done.
19th Century
Susan B. Anthony- Never gave up on woman's rights movement
Pushed for the 19th amendment, which allowed woman to vote
Elizabeth Cady Stanton- Co founder of Woman Suffrage Association with Susan B. Anthony
Went beyond voting rights; fought for divorce laws
Body Ideals Throughout the 1900's
19th Century (Continued)
Very Beginning of Woman's rights movement
Not until 20th century do written rights for woman appear
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe has always been a beauty icon. Women everywhere, even today strive to be like her. To look like her, to have her confidence, etc. But Marilyn Monroe was a size 16- an unthinkable size for a model by today's standards. Oppression against women is so great that one of the world's most idolized women would not be so today because of her size.

Connection to Other Oppressed group?
African Americans- Woman started to seek rights around the abolition of slavery. Woman, like Susan B. Anthony, wanted woman to become free with the slaves. As well as this, much like the laws and rights that woman fought for, the Africans also had to fight to be equal, never giving up in what they believe in, freedom.
19th Century Oppression (Continued)
Teached by religous figures that woman were inferior to men
Doctors would classify any kind of woman illness, deadly or not, a "disease of the womb"
Girls weren't allowed to be teached
Not until the late 19th and 20th century do these ideas and beliefs begin to change
Modern Day Model
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