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Brian Roberts

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of The DBQ

Paragraph 5
The annual Ely Tigers versus Dillard Panthers football game was played Friday night. Due to family commitments I was unable to attend the game. The game was decided when Donnell Wilson caught a touchdown pass on the last play of the 4th quarter giving Ely a 14-10 victory. Monday morning when I arrived at school "everyone" was talking about the "catch" and the victory. What I want to know is what REALLY happened and just how great of a play this catch actually was. Throughout the day I spoke to the following people in an attempt to obtain the truth. As I review each source I must constantly ask myself "what is the validity of each person's comment and what is their particular expertise in the area of high school football.
 Donnell Wilson, Ely Wide Receiver who caught the winning pass
Did you see that catch?! I mean it was great! Man I knew I had it! That D-back was nothing! I ran right by him and just reached out and pulled it in. Focus, real focus!! We're number 1!!
Demetrius Johnson, Defensive back who covered Donnell, Dillard High School
We were robbed. That guy never caught the ball, he was lying there on the ground and the ball fell in his hands. He pushed me and the ref never saw anything! Ely is nothing but a bunch of cheats!
 Clayton Sheffield, Offensive Coach, Ely High School
Great catch! Unbelievable! Donnell has heart and no quit in him. When it mattered I knew he would come through. He's tough, a real gamer! I had the team focused. We were ready to play. Never a doubt!
 Owen Dyson, Football Referee, excerpt from his game report to the Florida High School Activities Association
It was a clean and simple catch resulting in a touchdown. No penalty was involved.
 Mark Burton, Defensive Coach, Dillard High School
What can I say? Demetrius played him real tight. Ely ended up on the ground with the ball and the touchdown. Some nights you just aren't lucky, some you are.
Step Two
SAP the documents
Restate the main points of the document's contents.
Explain why the document fits into the group that you put it in.
Does the author take a side?
Does the author have a point to make?
Can you trust the author at face value?
Step Three
Look for patterns
Step One
Read the question
List out ALL parts of the question
Rephrase into your own words
Using your chart, sort documents into 3 groups.
Groupings could be anything.
Groups need to have at least 2 documents.
Step Four
Paragraph 1
Be sure you have analyzed all documents!
what other documents would you need?
different perspective?
different place?
complimentary place?
Paragraph Categories
Document #'s
POV Ideas
Paragraph 2
Explain how each of documents in the first group relate to the thesis.
POV of one of the documents.
Missing Document with explaination that fits in grouping
Paragraph 3
Paragraph 4
Explain how each of documents in the second group relate to the thesis.
POV of one of the documents.
Missing Document with explaination that fits in grouping
Explain how each of documents in the third group relate to the thesis.
POV of one of the documents.
Missing Document with explaination that fits in grouping
Paragraph 6
Conclusion paragraph that includes prompt and groupings.
Write an intro paragraph that mentions the prompt, groupings.
Write the essay.
The purpose is to show that all documents are NOT equal and everyone who writes is NOT an expert. Each has knowledge--but from a different "POINT OF VIEW".
Tom Robard, Newspaper Reporter, The Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel
The annual Ely--Dillard football game ended in dramatic fashion when Donnell Wilson caught the game winning touchdown pass as time expired. Wilson made a leaping catch and landed safely in the endzone capping an improbable come from behind win for the Tigers.
(note: most high school game results are phoned into the newspaper sports desk)
What motivated the author to say what he said?
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