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the curse of king tut

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 8 May 2017

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Transcript of the curse of king tut

King Tut was the 12th king and son of Akhenathen. He married his half sister and had two daughters. He died at age 19 because he got assassinated. He was buried in The Valley of the Kings.
The Mystery is that anyone that was involved with opening King Tuts tomb died days or even years later.

What is The Mystery?
Viewpoints and Deaths!
Other Explanations: On the tomb there was mold that went into your pores and killed you.
Our View Points: Our view points is that the tomb is cursed. we think that because the last person who died, died from a cobra. This is weird because the symbol of Egypt is a cobra and Egyptians wore cobra hats on there heads.
People who died from the curse: The first person who died is Lord Carnarvon. Lord died from an infected mosquito bite. While he was shaving he pop his infected bite and shortly died after. Another person who died was Aaron Ember. Aaron's house was burning down and he escaped. So how did he die? He went back into his house to save a book that he was working on.
Kingtutone.com Biography.com
This is our presentation Hope you enjoyed! :)
Where does it take place? When does it take place?
It takes place in Ancient Egypt and he was born in 1341 B.C. He died 1323 B.C and the tomb was opened 1923.
Justin Jimenez and Sean Badillo
The curse of king Tut
Background Information
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