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Say, tell, ask, advise

No description

Waad Alenizy

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Say, tell, ask, advise

Say & Tell
We use them to report statements
Correct the mistakes
said me that
he was still having headaches.
- Jack
told that
he was still having headaches.
- Jack
told to me that
he was still having headaches.
In everyday English, we often use say and tell
without that
( that )
she's meet
us at six.
He told me ( that )
he couldn't
come to the party.
Tell, Ask & Advise
-Instructions, requests and advice, we can use tell, ask and advise.
-With the above verbs you use
form of the verb.
: Teacher; Don't talk during the lesson !
Not + to + verb
-we put not BEFORE the infinitive with to

Say, tell, ask, advise
said that
he was still having headaches.
Jack s
aid to me that
he was still having headaches.
told me that
he was still having headaches.
Be quiet
told me to be
Don't touch the oven!
She told me
not to touch
the oven.
She told me
don't touch
the oven
Our teacher
told us not to talk
during the lesson.
: Mother; Please phone home, Sara Sara's mother
asked her to phone
: Doctor; I think you should see a specialist Jack's doctor
advised him to see
a specialist
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