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Operation Scarlet multi-agency

No description

Vicky Graham

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Operation Scarlet multi-agency

Operation Scarlet 'Multi-Agency'
Enforcement of the law

Enforcement of the law alone will only displace the issue.

Displacement is NOT considered a
positive outcome.

Multi-Agency approach
Working pro-actively with multi-agency partners will help to understand the issues surrounding prostitution, reduce harm and increase public confidence and increase the quality of service to all communities affected by the issues of prostitution.
Supervising an ESO
Receive referral from police with court date
Attend court and meet SW
Needs assessment at court or appt made
Care plan drawn up
Mutually achievable goals
(referral subs misuse/sexual health/housing)

Minimum Requirements
Although legal requirement is for 3 appts within a 6 month period, theoretically this could be achieved within a week. Spread required appts over 6 month period, with update to police at 3 month stage. There will be other appts with partner agencies within the 6 month period.
National 'Ugly Mug' Scheme
The aim of the 'Ugly Mug' scheme is to improve the safety of sex workers and reduce crimes committed against them by alerting them to dangerous individuals operating in their area, to record and monitor crimes
against sex workers, and to allow
third party reporting.
Multi Agency Working - Walsall
Coventry Sex Worker Forum
Individual case management of vulnerable sex workers on a bi-monthly basis.

Coventry community safety partnership, police, swish, kairos, embrace, housing, substance misuse, social care.

Violence against sex workers
63% have experienced violence
> 50% raped or seriously assaulted
At least 75% assulted by pimps or punters
Street 10x more dangerous than indoors
18x more likely to be murdered
than general population
Co-ordination and Delivery Groups
Reducing Harm

The objective is to reduce vulnerability of sex workers and the community and improve the support and diversion for sex workers.

Community Safety,
Drugs and alcohol services,
Social Housing, Area Partnerships,
Strengthening Families,
NHS, Probation,
Mental Health, Police,
Sexual Health Services, WIN.
Co-ordination and Delivery Groups
Effective Justice

The objective of the group
is to reduce on
street prostitution


WM Police / Operation Scarlet,
Crown Prosecution Service,
Victim Support Service,
Community Safety Partnerships.

Effective Justice

Training and Education



Reducing Harm

Sexual Health
Mental Health
Voluntary and Community Sector
Substance Misuse

Co-ordination and Delivery Groups
Community and Living

The objective of the group is to improve the quality of life for the community and the
reputation of Walsall


Area Partnerships,

Community and Living

Health and Safety

Community Engagement



Reduction in offending
Engagement with SW not previously
known to services
Ongoing support after completion of the ESO working towards exiting prostitution
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