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Worldwide BIM policy & strategy

No description

Poon Ella

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Worldwide BIM policy & strategy

BIM policy & strategy around the world
fully collaborative 3D BIM as a minimum
The interest is fuelled by government regulations stating that all building and construction projects must be BIM and delivered electronically to the authorities for checking and approval.
a commitment to BIM in Government projects over a 5-year time frame, and mandating BIM Level 2 from 2016 on.
South Korea
develop national BIM standards

The Public Procurement Service made BIM compulsory for all projects over S$50 million and for all public sector projects.
the Netherlands
The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) led a multi-agency effort to implement the world’s first BIM electronic submission
nine regulatory agencies accepted architectural BIM 3D models for approval through e-submission.
the acceptance of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) and structural BIM models.
Nordic Countries
- In Norway, the country's public construction and property management representative Statsbygg requires use of BIM in all public projects. A small construction industry and a government, regulatory bodies and the construction industry all actively promoting the use of BIM have combined to make Norway a BIM success story.
The Norwegian Homebuilders Association has encouraged the industry to adopt BIM and IFC.
- Danish state clients require BIM to be used for their projects.
The Hong Kong Housing Authority will require BIM for all new projects from 2014.
North America
South East Asia
GSA mandated that new buildings designed through its Public Buildings Service use building information modeling in the design stage.
and beyond, GSA requires spatial program BIMs be the minimum requirements for submission to OCA for Final Concept approvals by the PBS Commissioner and the Chief Architect.
May 2012
, NBIMS-US released second edition of NBIMS.
home-grown 3d modeling products
2013 :
State of Bavaria (Piloting BIM)
The BIM buzzword is less common in Germany and the software market is dominated by home-grown products. Germany’s decentralized political structure means that the construction industry is more fragmented, and this may make widespread adoption of BIM more difficult.
Finland -
The Lithuanian National Strategy for Sustainable Development from 2003 integrates economic, environmental and social dimensions and is based on eleven priorities.
The Strategic Action Plan of the Ministry of Environment for 2007-2009 focuses on a safe and healthy residential environment for its citizens.

Examples: Project name: Žalgiris Ondothology Clinics and Hospital, Vilnius, Lithuania
Project name: Karoliniškiu district administration building, Vilnius, Lithuania
Project name: Education Development Center, Vilnius, Lithuania
Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety system

still mulling over the decision on whether to mandate BIM or not
2012 :
BIM Action Plan. Australia bim standards.
BIM's the way forward, says Australian Government .
Governments and industry associations are being speed up the process.
China seems well positioned to adopt BIM quickly – a fast moving construction sector and significant investment in infrastructure, coupled with strong government support .

Government not the initiator in implementing BIM
different provinceswith different standards
United Arab Emirates
The strong percentage (40%) of Developers that have been identified as BIM users in the Middle East.

2014 :
Dubai has had a BIM mandate since 2014, which applies to all buildings of 40 stories or higher, buildings of 25,000 sq m and upwards, all projects with an international client, and all hospitals, universities and major public buildings.
2014 :
Qatar, meanwhile, is working towards a BIM standard, and several key clients such as Qatar Rail have already adopted it.
The BRE Academy is to team up with a global sustainability consultancy headquartered in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, to deliver BIM training in the Middle East.
In the Middle East there is over $50 billion worth of BIM enabled rail expansion projects proposed.
South Africa
BIM South Africa has the vision of manifesting the END GOAL for Building Information Modelling.

We believe that through the SOUTH AFRICAN Government Mandating BIM on all State Projects, it provide assistance in managing building and operations processes, managing corruption within the building sector and offer New jobs in sectors where they currently donot exist.

With that said; without South African BIM standards, these processes will remain handicapped.BIM South Africa is a concept initiated in June 2014, through the utilisation of social media; and will soon be registered as an NGO. The role players within this organisation will soon be selected and made public.
North Africa

There are already thousands of BIM users on the African continent, and thousands more potential BIM users. The BIM Summit Africa is for both these groups of users from all of sub-Saharan Africa and, indeed, the world.

in Saudi Arabia were great success, in Doha, Qatar to take place in September is attracting enormous interest, and now focused on BIM Summit Africa for August 27-30 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Ps , IQPC, the world’s leading conference company, is organizing a series of BIM events in the Middle East and Africa.

the Rijksgebouwendienst, the agency within the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment that manages government buildings, introduced the RGD BIM norm,which it updated on 1 July 2012.
2012 :
the Dutch Ministry of the Interior (RGD) requires BIM for large building maintenance projects.
FIFA World Cup Stadium Using BIM.
Recently, a total of five new stadiums were built for the FIFA World Cup, and two were modeled using BIM techniques and software.
Hong Kong
BIM is being heard evermore strongly in Spain since 2010, maybe in part because of a sudden spurt of common sense amidst the sudden crisis that fell upon the country
5 year Roadmap for industry resources, tools, incentives
and information needed to adopt BIM
• Established e-submission requirement
• Authored BIM Essential Guide Series
2015 Goal:
80% of construction industry using BIM in
Autodesk Supporting Public Sector Awareness of BIM
French Minister for Housing, Sylvia Pinel‘s announcement that the Western European country would implement a “French numerical strategy”, mandating BIM for public procurement .
Organisation promotion : include the FFB (Fédération française du bâtiment), and the French arm of buildingSMART.
the European Union recently issued a directive to its 28 member states recommending the use of BIM on public projects.
2020 :
Japan is giving serious consideration to a mandate for BIM in the run up to the 2020 Olympics
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