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Career Exploration

The purpose of this session is generate opening discussions related to the career planning process.

Marylena Angeloni

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of Career Exploration

Finding our path Career Exploration Work Job Occupation Career Work is what you do. The Activity we do paid or free This is the technical name. It is a group of jobs within a similar group. What we do each day that pays our bills and provides a means for our needs Everything in your life . Even when unemployed. All encompassing and acquired learning. It is about all the jobs, the work, occupations and education you have been working on and investing in over time Work Jobs Retirement Occupations Career Change is Constant Learning is Ongoing Dynamic Labour Market Personal Change Pressure to choose Occupational Change
Adaptability Stay Learning
Skill development Career Building Every decision is a career decision. In making life/career decisions it is important to consider the multiple facets of our lives Career Continuum Career Decision Making Career Life Planning Knowledge of Self Knowlege of the world of work Planning & Action Interests
Dreams Future Trends
Career Information Decision Making
Goal Setting
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