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Katherine Goodloe

on 8 May 2014

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from Revenge of the Pork Person
P=A man considering the attitudes of women concerning their appearance
I=To entertain
G=Article (newspaper)
S=Women view their appearances in a negative way
A=Men, women, newspaper readers, people who enjoy humor
C=People, mainly women in today's world--with its focus on fashion magazines, beauty and fitness, are concerned with appearance and lack confidence
Questions to ask for a Critical Reading
1. Women view their appearance in a negative way. Totally relevant--I agree. Women are pressured to look like models and are often made to feel like they don't measure up.
2. Thesis: "I have never met a woman, no matter how attractive, who wasn't convinced, deep down inside, that she was a real woofer." Explains the subject.
3. Tone: humorous. Conversational. It takes a serious subject but gives you something to laugh about. It is consistent throughout.
4. Writer's purpose: to entertain
5. He develops his ideas by using ridiculous hyperbole. It helps us see how ludicrous our expectations are.
6. It's a short, 3-paragraph article, that seems to just end, without a conclusion.
7. Men think, women think, fashion models--just discusses 3 loosely connected ideas.
8. Sentence structure--1st person pt of view, so has a number of fragments to help create a conversational tone.
9. Only uses a quote that supposes what people might say about a woman's puffy ankles. Used simply for the purpose of humor.
10. Informal diction. Casual and conversational.
11. Language throughout is using the device of hyperbole.
12. Hyperbole creates a humorous effect.
13. (let's come right out and say it) (using the parentheses) helps draw reader in. Puffy Ankles is italicized to show "drama"
14. No important terms repeated--except maybe "women", since this does concern attitudes among women.
15. Vivid images are throughout, such as a man with eight greasy strands of hair helps the reader visualize the ridiculous image.
16. Comparisons are throughout, comparing us and our attitudes to ridiculous ideas--women wearing "skinny" clothing to pork people.
17. Humor is used throughout to take a serious subject and laugh at ourselves about it.

Appeal and 3 techniques
This article uses a pathetic (emotional) appeal because it appeals to our sense of humor.
Three strategies used are: Conversational Tone, Humor, and Hyperbole.
Examples of techniques used in this rhetorical passage
1. Conversational Tone: The author uses a conversational tone throughout the piece. For example, "...fashion models...have virtually none of the bodily features we normally associate with females such as hips and (let's come right out and say it) bosoms."

2. Humorous: The author maintains a humorous outlook in the piece. For example, he says, "This is pretty comical, because when we talk about fashion models, we are talking about mutated women."

3. Hyperbole: The author uses hyperbole to create a humorous effect. For example, he says, "...he looks, when viewed from above, like an egg in the grasp of a giant spider, plus this man can have B.O. to the point where he interferes with radio transmissions..."
"Hyperbole in Dave Barry's 'Revenge of the Pork Person.'" About.com Grammar & Composition. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Apr. 2014. <http://grammar.about.com/od/shortpassag
Synthesis Statement/Thesis
Synthesis Statement: Dave Barry, a humor columnist, considered the attitudes of women about their appearance, and wrote an article, "Revenge of the Pork Person" recently that illustrates the emphasis women place on image rather than substance. He uses techniques such as hyperbole, humor and a conversational tone, to allow a serious subject to be illustrated in a humorous way.
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