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E twinning International seminar in Albania 5-7 Julay 2017

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Adriana Laze

on 21 August 2017

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Transcript of E twinning International seminar in Albania 5-7 Julay 2017

E twinning International in Albania
Albania is become a member of E twinning Europe more than two years ago . In Albania
e twinning members arre adding day by day and they like it so mucch.
On t firrst days of Julay in Tirrana Albania we orrganized the firrst Inténational E twinning Seminarr in which parrticcipated teachers frrom different ccountrries frrom Eurrope.
Durring this seminar teachers participated in different workshops abot the different tools we can use in this platform or during the lessons. Also we learned how to use e twinning live , how to create a project , how to use the tween space etc.
Also during this seminar we traveled in two other cities, Durres and Kruja to show the traditional and cultural values of Albania. At the end of the seminar All remained very enjoyable and asked to see in an other seminar
On the first day
After the first meeting on the first day on the International Hotel in Tirana we got out to show the centr of Tirana.
Workshops uring these days
On the las day
During this day we got a big picture and others and then we presented our projects.
Oppening the Seminar
The seminar was oppened by the Director of NNS Albani Ornela Koleka, and then , some of Albanian teachers told about their experience in e winning.
Cultural activities in Kruja and Durres
E twinning International seminar in Albania 5-7 Julay 2017
Something for Albania
On the last day
We got a big picture and presented our projects
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