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Personal Characteristics of Marie Antoinette

No description

Rebecca Rinaldi

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Personal Characteristics of Marie Antoinette

Personal Characteristics of
Marie Antoinette Early Life Marie Antoinette was born on November 2, 1755 in Veinna, Austria
She was the fifteenth child of Maria Theresa, empress of Austria
Marie's mother set up an arranged marriage for Marie Antoinette and Louis Auguste of France
At the age of fourteen, Marie moved to Versailles Palace of Versailles Gardens at Versailles Hall of Mirrors Life a Versailles for Marie was often described as very boring
Louis Auguste was involved with hunting, so Marie became involved with fashion and her close friends as an escape from her marital frustrations and political duties Life at Versailles for Marie In 1774, Louis XV dies and is succeed by Louis Auguste, who becomes Louis XVI and made Marie the Queen of France
Marie was widely hated as a queen all across France because of how she spent money on expensive clothing, parties and gambling, instead of focusing on her political duties and, most importantly, producing an heir Anger at the Queen "Madame Deficit" and the Diamond Necklace Affair In the 1780's pamphlets accused Marie of ignorance, adultery, some featuring lustful cartoons and others dubbing her "Madame Deficit."
In 1785, a thief posing as Marie obtained a diamond necklace and smuggled it to London to be sold off in pieces
Marie was innocent, but was guilty in the eye's of her subjects Events in France between 1789 and 1793 October 6, 1789
The people of France demand that the King and Queen be brought to Paris September 1791
Louis XVI agrees to uphold the new constitution drafted by the National Assembly January 21, 1793
Louis XVI is executed July 14, 1789
900 peasants storm the Bastille Prison, marking the beginning of the French Revolution June, 1791
The Royal family's escape plan fails and are returned to Paris September 1792
National Convention abolishes monarchy, declared the establishment of a French Republic and arrested Louis and Marie October, 1793
Reign of Terror claims tens of thousands of French lives October 16, 1793
Marie Antoinette is beheaded Marie Antoinette's Children Maria Theresa sends Marie Antoinette's Joseph II to France to resolve Louis and Marie's reproductive issues
In 1778, Marie and Louis have their first child, Marie Theresa Charlotte The End
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