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With The Mi'kmaq

Learn about the Mi'kmaq people in a presentation like no other that incorporates a Prezi with a university trip simulation with a play by Ishaan, Julia, Brian, Zach, Lily and Perrin.

Ishaan Sahai

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of With The Mi'kmaq

Welcome To A Mi'kmaq Presentation By: Ishaan Julia Brian Zach Lily Perrin IN
3D! Welcome, Students To Our University Trip BASIC NEEDS Small+Large Game Traded Wigwams Dried Fruit Nomadic
Migratory Per Season Close Families LIFESTYLE Clans:
Small Villages Of Extended Family Maritimes Children-Hunters, Toys+Dolls! Saplings No Crops.
January Seals, February Moose! Tool+Weapon Variety:
Spears, Bows, Harpoons Europeans Adapted Snowshoes Shamans: Religious+Medical CONNECTION WITH NATURE =Mother Earth Creator=Great Spirit=Kisulk Humans=Rest Of Nature Waste Not, Want Not! MYTHOLOGY Glooscap Kuhlw-"Earthquake" Coolpujot-"Rolled Over By Hand Spikes" Creator/Kisulk/Great Spirit Isle: "Minegoo"-Gulf Of St. Lawrence Glooscap's Gauntlet: Giant Mountain:
1 Side Vertical
Other Side Overhang Pure Souls Only Path To Glooscap's Adobe Road Between Pillars-Monsters! Cloudy Wall-Goes Up, Crashes Down Destroying Beneath It Role Of Men And Women Women = Importance Of Men Fished, Hunted, Set Up Camp Respected For...Giving Life Cooked+Prepared Food, Made Baskets+Wigwam+Snowshoes+Clothing Arranged Marriage Female Elders=Big Contribution, Big Decisions Got Wood, Plant Resources, Fetched Water, Started Fire Men =Importance Of Women Hunted Large Game Council WAR! GOVERNMENT Harmony, Work Together,
Get Things Done! 7 Districts Local Chiefs District Chiefs (Grand Council) Grand Chief-Mi'kma'ki Making Decisions/Problem Solving Consensus Local Interests-Local Chiefs
District Interests-District Chiefs
Mi'kma'ki Interests-Grand Chiefs A Mi'kmaq Story Mise'l and Membertou
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