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P3 - Explain the potential risks to an organisation of commi

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Ivan Leite

on 11 June 2016

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Transcript of P3 - Explain the potential risks to an organisation of commi

P3 and M2 - Explain the potential risks to an organization of committing to an e-commerce system
On this task I was asked to write about how security issues can impact e-commerce business and explain what these risks are.
I also wrote about potential advantage ad disadvantage.
Hacking came from a group of people called M.I.T engineers in U.S. M.I.T stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This M.I.T engineers came together in 1950s and 1950s and they started as small train club used for fun activities for does that want to learn to hack responsible but later on, non-M.I.T members starting using hacking for unauthorized access to telephones for free called,then the internet and the computer network start to get popular more people using hacks to access people personal information and identity theft usage.

Sony is one of the victim of being hacked. The hacker exposed value information such as customer credit card details, personal information and passwords. This happen in 2014.

Viruses are malicious software that replicate and spread into to the computer from unknown e-mail, programs and some time from websites.

A virus on the e-commerce click website could infect important customer information, virus could also give an opportunity for hacker to hijack the company’s systems and steal customer data.

SSL, HTTPS and RSA certificates
To prevent identity theft, e-commerce website has encryption called SSL, HTTPS and RSA certificates. These encryption are used to secure customer credit card and debit card over the website.

SSL (security Socket Layer) is a protocol that is used to transmit important documents by using the internet. SSL have cryptographic system that uses two keys to encrypt data such as the private and public keys. This methods helps e-commerce businesses to secure personal data from unauthorized people.

Identity Theft
Identity theft is when a hacker uses other person personal information such as home address, phone number, credit card account and name for criminal acts without you knowing. This can have a big impact for e-commerce business and banks because they deal with people details.

Contact the CIFA S they are UK’s fraud prevention service. The CIFAS can protect your personal information from unauthorized person, just by subscribing to CIFAS.
The CIFAS came across a number of victims in the first three mouths rise about 31% is equal to 32,058 people in UK in 2014.

To prevent identity theft, e-commerce website has encryption called SSL, HTTPS and RSA certificates. These encryption are used to secure customer credit card and debit card over the website.

Firewall impact on site performance
Alternative authentication methods
Prevention of Hacking
Strong Passwords
Business that have a click e-commerce, they relies on authentication such as using ID and passwords.
It is every important that user use strong passwords because it prevent your account to victim of identity theft. Try to use all characters such as upper and lower-case and numbers. Is important that users use at least eight characters not less than six.

They are different hacker that use different method to hack such as:

Guessing:some attacker tries to guess you password base on day of birth, local sports team and family member names.

Online Dictionary Attack: this an automated program that have a file of words repeatedly try to log in using different words from the file on each try.

Benefits of SSL, HTTPS certificates
Browser Compatibility
: SSL is compatibility with other browser such as Safari, Google Chrome, Fire Fox and Internet Explorer. This give more flexibility to e-business promote they service and products.

Secure encrypt information
: SSL make sure the data send online is readable by one of they recipient. This prevent unauthorized third parties to access the data.

Security against unauthorized attacks
: SSL can secure customer data from unauthorized attacks such as phishing e-mail.

Search engine rankings
: by having SSL certificate gives a better chance to e-business to be at the first results page in Google's search engine.

Build trust
: by having SSL certificate e-business can build trust with they customer. This will bring more customer and increase the profits in term of online purchase.

Credit card fraud disputes
: having a website with bad server protection customer credit card can be expose for identity theft and bring dispute between customer and his or her credit card company. So having SSL certificate can avoid this type of problems.

Drawbacks of SSL and HTTPS certificate
Slow performance
: SSL certificate encryption and decryption the data, so this will make the performance slower.

: having SSL and HTTPS certificate are not for free so business have to pay for certificates and the maintenance in case something goes wrong.

Certificate can expired
: having a SSL certificate expire, this mean that the website is no longer safe and the business could lose some customer's trust.

Difficult to install
: install the SSL can be difficult for someone because the provider have to send a group of file to install in the folder of the web server and you have to follow a specific instructions
Advantage of Strong Password
Prevention of identity theft
: having strong password that contains at least 8 characters such as Upper and lower case, number and symbols make your password hard to guess and crack.

people are more confident
: having strong password and a good website security make people less worried of being victim of identity theft and other authorized methods.

more flexible
:people can use other methods to secure they personal details like using phone number as password like Gmail and Outlook. If some authorize try to access your account it will send a massage to let you know.

Firewall is a program used to protect your computer and network from malware.

By running firewall can slow down for computer and the network performance but it give you good protection from virus and other malware.
The way e-businesses can prevent slow performance issues by upgrade the router to have faster network server rather turn it off the firewall and have better hardware.

Advantage of Firewall
Firewall software are always protecting your computer and network from malware and authorize people.

Firewall will give you great performance results rather having cheaper firewall software.

Firewall security can block any hazard such as virus,Trojans and hacker.

There isn't need cost for the firewall software because normally Windows PC have already firewall software install and has a friendly user interface.
Disadvantage of Firewall
Firewall slowly down the network performance, this can bring big issues it the ports and the packets.

It can be complex to some people to operate meaning some staff member may need some training.

E-business should never buy cheaper firewall software version, that could give you less security performance and can bring big issues to you network.
Disadvantage of Strong passwords
Not every strong passwords are successful to secure. There are different method hacker use.

Having strong password can be hard to memorize and people can end up writing down the password on paper and lose it.

Prevention of hacking is important for any e-business because they always going to deal with customer personal details such as credit and debit card detail on the internet.

There are ways to prevent of being hack starting from having good SSL encryption that protect customer credit and debit card, customer and employee should have strong passwords to avoid identity theft, always run the firewall software and hardware, update the website in daily base, have security training for employee to prepare in case you have a security malfunction.
There are other methods to protect your data rather having strong passwords. These method are finger print allow you to scan someone finger on scanner and only one person can use it.
Then we have face recognition, the computer will scan someone face and only that person can access the computer nobody else can access.
At last we have eyries recognition it works the same as the face and voice recognition but the different is it scan someone eye.
Some of these methods business like banks.
Advantage of alternative authentication methods
Gives customer more variety in terms of using this methods to protecting you personal details.

It is more secure and harder for hacker to gain access because you using voice, face and eye recognition software and hardware.

E-commerce business can save money on voice and face recognition software, some are for free.

People that have difficulty of remember passwords having these biometrics methods meaning finger print, face and voice makes must easier for them to remember.
Disadvantage of Advantage of alternative authentication methods
These method can sometime malfunction like finger print or voice recognition and can be hard to change or you may not be able to change at all.

Not everyone can use biometric authentication because they are people with special need so is better have different authentication methods.

Can be expensive to develop a biometric authentication systems and not many people can use it.

People cannot use these biometric device at home because they are expensive and not may online retailer use these methods, you may find in some banks.
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