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Speech Codes Theory

No description

Carlee Ammons

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Speech Codes Theory

Philipsen's Journey from Ethnography to Theory Speech Codes Theory Gerry Philipsen Speech Codes Theory Today 1962 - Graduated David Douglas High School
1966 - Graduated University of Denver
1969 - Moved to "Teamsterville"
1972 - Graduated Northwestern University
1972 - Published "Navajo Worldview"
1976 - Published "Places...in Teamsterville"
1997 - Published "Speech Codes Theory"
"rhetorical systems which are implicit in the worldview of a people who have no written or systematized theory of rhetoric"
Ritualized Prayer
Ethnography move to Teamsterville Old Men
Young Boys
Women "Place" in Teamsterville Six Propositions

1.The distinctiveness of speech codes (In any given culture, there is a speech code)

2.The multiplicity of speech codes (Multiple speech codes exist in any given speech community)

3.The substance of speech codes (A speech code has a distinctive psychology, sociology and rhetoric)

4.The meaning of speech codes (The speech community assesses the meanings of speech)

5.The site of speech codes (The terms, premises, and rules of a speech code are inextricably woven into the speech itself)

6.The discursive force of speech codes (Speech Codes impact life) Speech Codes Theory Sources
Pastor, Preacher, Brother, Ladies
Native Message In Nonnative Form
The Code Of Food And Tradition

Howard Payne University
Sports Teams
Greek Organizations
Ethnic/Religious Groups
Speech Code: a historically enacted socially constructed
system of terms, meanings, premises, and rules, pertaining to communicative conduct.
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